Service and Business Monitoring

Quickly understand the true impact of IT outages

Ensure services and business processes function effectively and without interruption. 

Most ITSM solutions focus only on the IT component failures, but Ceeview allows you to see your service and business processes through the eyes of your end-users.

Service & Business Monitoring with Ceeview

Ceeview’s powerful dependency mapping capabilities allow you to build a detailed business process and service models that help you quickly understand the true impact of IT systems failures.

Not only does this help resolution teams resolve outages more effectively, it also facilitates efficient incident management and provides a foundation for fast and clear communication with those affected by the issue.

Unlike other monitoring solutions, Ceeview allows you to see your service and business processes through the eyes of your end-users. By combining this with proactive monitoring of your underlying infrastructure, Ceeview gives you a complete overview of service health.

We also offer a full suite of customizable role-based dashboards and tailored alerts that give key stakeholders an overview of outages – and their impact – as they unfold.

Traditional monitoring solutions generate alerts when a single component fails, but this makes it almost impossible to determine which services, teams, and customers might be affected by any given outage.

Connect the dots with service modelling

Take a holistic approach to systems monitoring. Advanced service modelling helps you build a comprehensive view of the status of your IT services, and not just the components within them

ITSM that goes beyond IT

Bridge the gap between IT outages and business impact. Business process monitoring helps you understand the impact of IT systems failures on the performance of your business teams

Agility as standard

Save time and resources while minimizing the impact on your customers with Ceeview. The sooner you understand the wider implications of an IT failure, the faster you can resolve it.

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