Enterprise Cost Control

Elevate your enterprise cost management with Ceeview. Experience unmatched visibility across all business expenditures, harness data-driven insights, and empower your financial strategy for superior cost optimization.

Secure Exceptional Savings with Ceeview

Harness Ceeview’s intelligent insights to reveal significant savings, fine-tune resource allocation, and forecast spending with precision. Our platform directs you to strategic actions, ensuring proven cost reductions and increased operational efficiency. Valued by sector leaders like Vesterålskraft for its notable financial benefits and superior support.

“Reduced cloud costs by 45% in 3 months”


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Empower Your Enterprise Cost Management

From diverse data source integration (1),  to detailed budget modeling (2-3), and customized visualization (4-5), Ceeview stands as the backbone of your cost management strategy. Our system rigorously tracks and analyzes a wide array of costs — from internal operations, project-specific labor, and IT expenses like storage and backup, to broader expenditures such as outsourcing, consulting, and professional services.

We monitor application costs, encompassing on-premise, cloud, and SaaS platforms, while ensuring software licensing and cloud services expenses are within your financial control. Operational costs, including those for on-premise infrastructure, are also under our watchful eye. Ceeview embraces flexibility in data integration, accommodating APIs, spreadsheets, emails, cloud services, manual input, and accounting systems to deliver a single, unified view of your enterprise-wide expenditures, ensuring that no cost goes unexamined.

Intuitive Analysis and Tailored Recommendations

Dive deep into your IT costs with Ceeview’s powerful data analysis. Uncover patterns, identify anomalies, and transform raw data into strategic decisions. Our Summary Report is as unique as your business, capturing multiple dimensions of your IT environment and revealing opportunities for optimization.

On-the-Go Cost Control with Ceeview Mobile App

Harness the full power of cost management from the convenience of your mobile device with Ceeview’s advanced app. Unlike other solutions, our mobile experience is designed to provide a comprehensive and nuanced view of your IT finances, mirroring the rich functionality of our desktop interface. With just a few taps, access detailed insights into budgets, spending, and potential savings, making informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

Visualizing Cost Optimization: The Vesterålskraft-Ceeview Workflow

Explore Vesterålskraft’s cost control journey powered by Ceeview’s strategic insights and actionable steps that have significantly reduced cloud expenses. Dive into the details of this collaborative success story through our in-depth video presentation which provides both inspiration and instruction for effective cloud cost management.

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“With Ceeview's Enterprise Cost Control we've reduced our cloud expenses and enhanced security. We're extremely satisfied with the results.”
Stian Reinholdtsen
IT Director, Vesterålskraft

High-Touch Services: Streamlining Cost Efficiency

Ceeview’s high-touch services fine-tune cost control for modern IT landscapes, providing businesses with visibility and strategies for cost optimization. Our approach involves analyzing hybrid cloud KPIs, crafting clear reports, and delivering hands-on project guidance to enhance cloud and on-premise investments.

Enabling MSPs and Enhancing Enterprises

Ceeview’s platform empowers MSPs to expand their offerings with high-touch services, fostering new growth opportunities. Partnerships like the one with Vesterålskraft showcase our role in driving operational excellence and cost stability.

Explore Key Strategies in Cost Management

Dive deeper into the world of effective cost control and optimization with our curated selection of articles. Each piece offers valuable insights and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of cost management, from cloud cost optimization to leveraging data for MSP services. Enhance your understanding and empower your decision-making with these expert analyses and tips.

Enterprise Control Datasheets

Discover our library of Ceeview datasheets for a clear, concise look at how we enhance enterprise efficiency. Focus on our Cost Control sheet for specifics on optimizing expenses, and explore our other offerings for insights on streamlining IT and OT services. Accessible expertise to support your business goals is just a click away.

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