Reflecting on AquaSur 2024: Innovation and Collaboration on the World Stage

Explore our recap of AquaSur 2024, where Ceeview’s partners iteam and Imenco made waves with their innovative aquaculture solutions. Dive into the highlights and discover our role in shaping a sustainable future for the industry.

Capturing the Essence of AquaSur 2024: A visual journey through the innovation and collaboration that defined this year’s conference, featuring key moments from iteam and Imenco’s significant presence, alongside Ceeview’s integrated solutions enhancing the aquaculture landscape.

As the curtains close on AquaSur 2024, we at Ceeview look back on a remarkable event marked by innovation, collaboration, and the exploration of new horizons in aquaculture. Through the dynamic participation of our partners, iteam and Imenco, the event was a showcase of industry-leading strategies and state-of-the-art solutions.

Imenco Booth is Buzzing

The heart of our collaboration, the Imenco booth became a beacon of activity, where in-depth conversations and new connections were the order of the day. The stand emerged as a focal point, underpinning the collective efforts and promising prospects ahead.

iteam Takes to the Seas

Representing the industrious spirit of Norway’s aquaculture sector, Sverre Benjaminsen from iteam set sail into Chile’s waters. His hands-on approach, engaging directly with aquaculture operations, demonstrates the immersive dedication our solutions embody.

Bridging Technological Gaps

Sverre noted, “Chile, as the world’s second-largest producer of farmed salmon, holds vast potential for technological advancement. We stand ready to introduce innovative solutions to maximize this market’s capabilities.”

Imenco’s Pioneering Spirit

As the gateway to innovation, the Imenco booth teemed with eager anticipation. Standing leftmost is Felipe Kauak Martabid, Commercial Manager at Imenco Aqua Chile, alongside his dedicated team, all poised to introduce groundbreaking advancements in aquaculture technology. Together, they represent a united front pushing industry boundaries forward.

Connecting with Industry Leaders

A visit to the SalmonChile office provided Sverre and fellow leaders a platform for discussing advances in aquaculture. These interactions underline the commitment to embracing new technologies and fostering collective growth.

iteam’s Managed Services

Discussions at AquaSur emphasized the need for reliable and high-performing operations. These talks highlighted iteam’s managed services and the role of Ceeview’s proactive monitoring in operational excellence.

Discover how Ceeview empowers iteam’s managed services, enhancing aquaculture operations with precision and foresight: Explore our detailed solution brief.

Cherishing the Natural Ecosystem

The event also allowed for moments of appreciation for the local wildlife, reminding us of the ecosystems we’re dedicated to supporting through our technology.

Looking Ahead

Inspired by the fruitful engagements at AquaSur 2024, Ceeview is poised to pursue further growth and collaboration opportunities. We’re enthusiastic about the future and the impact our continued partnership will have on the aquaculture industry.

Stay tuned as we continue to support our partners and contribute to the evolving narrative of global aquaculture.

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