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After having used CA UIM Nimsoft for several years we replaced our entire monitoring suite in 2018. We chose Ceeview as our SLA-reporting tool, and today we use Ceeview to manage more than 800 Services and SLAs for our customers. With its extensive functionality and flexibility, Ceeview has everything you need for SLA monitoring & reporting.

Testimonial User Image Roar Pettersen, Business Manager, Basefarm

We utilize Ceeview both as an advanced monitoring tool, and as a single source of truth for systems data from many different sources. Ceeview’s innovative approach to monitoring infrastructure, services, and hybrid cloud matches our needs perfectly.

Testimonial User Image Erlend Oyen Team Leader infrastruktur, Duett AS

Ceeview impresses with its ease of use, tidy web GUI, and really good visualization options. It is an integral part of our everyday life.

Testimonial User Image Léonard Lipp Deputy IT Manager, Eugster/Frismag AG

Thanks to the intuitive, state-of-the-art web interface, we can create a service definition in our central application monitoring system twice as quickly as before.

Testimonial User Image Stefan Kaufmann System Specialist, Canton Aargau

Ceeview is a product which enables us to monitor, manage and maximize customer satisfaction in the way we deliver our services. Reliability and availability are crucial to our business. We are very happy with the Service oriented monitoring approach in Ceeview and its ability to integrate with other products through Gateways and APIs. At my prior employer we successfully replaced Nimsoft with Ceeview. It is a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers who once again have brought a great product to the market.

Testimonial User Image Rune Goksør, Senior Information Technology Consultant, Dustin

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