Kanton Aargau monitors more than 700 applications and services

Case study: Application and Service Availability through creative monitoring

Unified Platform

Integration with SCOM, Solarwinds, dbWatch


Services and Applications monitored

685k residents

Improved customer support and transparency

The Challenge

Kanton Aargau needed to reduce complexity and increase efficiency in the way application- and service monitoring was done.

Identify bottlenecks at an early stage to increase service- and application availability – reduce meantime to repair.

Visualising and making the monitored environment transparent to all stakeholders’ need was another area of importance.

Integration of multiple tools into one unified monitoring platform was key to a successful implementation.

About Kanton Aargau

The canton of Aargau or Argovia, is one of the more northerly cantons of Switzerland.

It is situated by the lower course of the Aare River, and it is one of the most densely populated regions of Switzerland with a population of more than 685000 people.

Kanton’s Goals

  • Reinforce the focus on a centralised Service- and Application Monitoring environment.
  • One single platform to present and visualise monitoring data across all tools.
  • Support Service-relevant correlation including data from company-internal ecosystems.
  • Improve visualisation and transparency for users and operational personnel.
  • Monitoring platform that support fast and simple implementations of new requirements.
  • Conform to our escalation principles – “single source of truth”.
  • Optimise and reduce meantime to repair.

Thanks to the intuitive, state-of-the-art web interface, we can create a service definition in our central application monitoring system twice as quickly as before.

Testimonial User Image Stefan Kaufmann System Specialist, Kanton Aargau

Ceeview Solution

The IT department of Kanton Aargau uses Ceeview for centralized service monitoring. Monitoring data are correlated in Ceeview according to criteria defined in the Ceeview service models. “It doesn’t matter whether the data is collected directly in Ceeview or integrated using tools from the various specialist departments,” says Kaufmann.

The escalation is service-oriented based on the service-model. In the event of an issue, the appropriate personnel can quickly assess the consequences for the respective services and quickly take corrective actions. Ceeview also alerts when data is missing. This is particularly helpful when it comes to monitoring our ecosystems. “Because no news is not always good news”, says Maurizio Mastropietro, Head of ITSM-CC.

Unified monitoring
IT AG have developed an architecture for centralized application and service monitoring using Ceeview. This architecture is based on three main pillars: the integration of monitoring data from various tools, availability monitoring of services and applications, and service-oriented visualisation. The most important parameters of this architecture were verified in a “proof of concept (POC)”. «It was quick and easy. The POC was provided in just a few working days», says Stefan Kaufmann.

Integration of information
IT AG recognized early on that central application and service monitoring makes a significant contribution to ensuring reliable operation. Instead of introducing a monolithic central monitoring platform, the Aargau Kanton chose a different route. “The integration of information from the surrounding systems is the key factor for us because the specialist departments use their own tools and are already collecting useful monitoring data», notes Kaufmann.


Today the solution is in operation and works without problems. The intuitive user interface makes monitoring operations easier and by using Ceeview Mobile App, service status can be viewed anywhere, any time. The high level of flexibility in Ceeview made correlation and visualisation of monitoring data possible, increasing availability and transparency.

Service and application operators as well as end-users are provided with dashboards that are tailored to their needs. In the event of an error, Ceeview controls the escalation to the incident management process according to the “single source of truth” concept.

The various departments are provided with dashboards from the central service monitoring solution. “The service and application managers value this and it also contributes to the high level of acceptance of the solution”, adds Stefan Kaufmann.

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