Notify the right people at once

Ceeview alerts the right people and ensures that critical alarms are never missed.

Notification is done through multiple communication channels such as email, SMS, and push messages on mobile devices. Alerts are automatically escalated if not responded to within a certain amount of time. Ceeview organizes personnel in teams and uses calendars to simplify management.

Powerful, wizard-based user interface to create notification ruleset for users and teams.

Support multiple channels. Set communication preferences across email, SMS, or mobile using our app Ceeview On-the-Go.

Escalation ensures that the next person, supervisor, or group is notified if an issue is not handled in a timely manner.

Advanced filtering methods and the option to append information to a file.

Define Events and Alarms to be automatically acknowledged. Trigger execution of commands or scripts.

Integration with third-party notification and collaboration tools such as Opsgenie and Slack.

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