A Glimpse into Acentix’s 2023 ACEvent: Where Technology and Confectionery Merge

Ceeview is a proud participant at Acentix’s ACEvent 2023, where our monitoring platform enhances Acentix’s application monitoring and integration strategies. Attendees will explore a blend of IT and confectionery through use case presentations, integration discussions, and a delightful chocolate factory tour, unraveling the fusion of technology and manufacturing insights.

Acentix and Ceeview: An 18-Year Synergy of Technology and Vision

In the evolving realm of IT integration, Switzerland-based Acentix, fortified by years of industry expertise, has fostered an 18-year partnership with the creators of Ceeview, based in Oslo. Guided by founder René Dürst, Acentix prioritizes partnerships that echo its dedication to innovative and customer-focused IT solutions, making Ceeview a clear standout. The partnership is anchored in a historical bond with the Nimsoft-era development team and a strategic shift towards service-centric monitoring in today’s cloud-dominant environment.

Ceeview, with its user-friendly service model architecture and modularity, aligns seamlessly with Acentix’s mission for “Creative Integration for Better IT.” Dürst sees in Ceeview not merely a technological tool but a partner that fuels Acentix’s relentless drive towards exceptional IT service delivery, blending innovative, customer-oriented solutions, and adaptive capabilities.

Highlighting Innovation and Partnership at the ACEvent

Continuing our journey with Acentix, the forthcoming ACEvent on October 26th, 2023, stands as a testament to our collaborative spirit and shared innovation. Historically, ACEvent has been a cornerstone where technology and business acumen converge, uniting brilliant minds and fostering a confluence of innovative ideas within the sector. This year is no exception, with the half-day event offering technical insights, use case presentations, and an intriguing tour of a chocolate factory – symbolizing process efficiency and illustrating seamless IT business integrations.

A Commitment to Monitoring Excellence with Ceeview

The crux of Acentix’s technical monitoring showcases their innovative utilization of Ceeview’s platform, crafting an ecosystem where customer environments and the Acentix organizational process coalesce. Acentix leverages Ceeview for robust application availability and infrastructure element monitoring, further enhancing a continuous improvement process. Their methodology is not merely about technical alignment but adopting Ceeview into their organizational processes, acting as a linchpin for seamless, integrated, and efficient operations.

Strategic Integration and Metadata Synchronization

Delving into the topic of integration, ACEvent will unfold a customer project implementation using 1Gateway, detailing the sync of MetaData across diverse platforms (ERP, CRM, ITSM, and AD) in a customer lifecycle. The embodiment of data consistency, automatic mapping, and synchronizing data across platforms, all while spotlighting the project methodology that ensures success, is bound to offer a plethora of insights to participants.

Technology & Networking Amidst the Sweet Aroma of Chocolate

This year, the ACEvent is not merely a technical rendezvous but a sensory journey, with a visit to a chocolate factory. Participants will explore how efficient production processes in a completely different industry can mirror IT business’s demands and provide thought-provoking insights into refining our daily IT operations.

Collaborative Insights and Sharing Knowledge

A nod to the essence of networking and sharing best practices amongst peers, this event acts as a conduit to share experiences, knowledge, and above all, create a vibrant environment where ideas can permeate beyond the technical and enter the realm of true innovative thinking. It’s a space where potential sales prospects and existing Acentix customers meet, blend ideas, and perhaps, build the foundation for future collaborative endeavors.

Why Ceeview?

For Acentix, Ceeview is not just a tool; it is an essential pillar that supports their commitment to delivering excellence in monitoring solutions. Their relationship with Ceeview, rooted deeply in shared innovation, customer-oriented approaches, and responsiveness to needs, only solidifies the belief that great partnerships stem from shared visions, technological compatibility, and a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Ceeview is honored to participate in the ACEvent, where technology, business, and the savory journey through a chocolate factory create a unique blend of experience, learning, and networking. Should this narrative spark your interest, we invite you to get in touch for an introduction to the transformative solutions offered by Acentix and Ceeview, and explore how our partnership could elevate your IT business monitoring and integration.

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