Ceeview: A Beacon of Success with the 2023 Gazelle Award

Ceeview celebrates receiving the prestigious 2023 Gazelle Award, marking us among the top 2% of Norway’s best-performing companies. This award highlights our significant growth, innovation, and adaptability in the tech industry, showcasing our commitment to excellence and shaping the future of observability solutions.

A Moment of Recognition

Ceeview, an Oslo-based enterprise, is proud to be the recipient of the 2023 Gazelle Award. This recognition marks us as one of Norway’s fastest-growing and most successful businesses, reflecting our unwavering commitment to innovation and our significant achievements in rapid revenue growth and financial stability.

Celebrating Growth and Stability

Presented by Dagens Næringsliv (DN), Norway’s premier business newspaper, the Gazelle Award honors exceptional companies that have consistently doubled their turnover. It’s a celebration of our strategic agility and precision in navigating the business landscape.

Tracing the Journey to Excellence

Ceeview’s journey is marked by continuous evolution and innovation. Beginning with early solutions that set the stage for modern monitoring systems, to advancing with cloud technologies, our path has been about adapting and leading in a dynamic industry. Today, Ceeview is at the forefront, offering an observability platform that epitomizes this ongoing evolution. It provides advanced service-centric monitoring and cost management, perfectly tailored for the challenges and opportunities of the current digital era.

The Customer at the Core: Reflecting the Gazelle Spirit in Partnerships

The Gazelle Award for Ceeview signifies more than just our company’s rapid growth; it underscores our agility in evolving with and for our clients and partners. This is exemplified in our longstanding partnership with Acentix, a collaboration led by CEO René Duerst, that spans over 15 years. This relationship illustrates our journey of adaptation and innovation, where we have evolved alongside our partners and enterprise customers, consistently aligning our solutions with their evolving needs, fully embracing the Gazelle ethos of continuous, innovative advancement.

René Duerst comments, “Ceeview has been instrumental in advancing our service-centric approach.” This evolution reflects our responsiveness to market changes and client demands, which has been beneficial not only for Acentix’s growth but also for their clients like Canton of Aargau and SRZ Protection and Rescue, who leverage Ceeview’s capabilities through Acentix. Our collaboration with Acentix and the successful implementation of our solutions in these enterprises illustrate our ability to offer tailored solutions, in line with the Gazelle standards of enduring innovation and progress.

Innovation: The Way Forward

This award motivates us to continue developing groundbreaking solutions in monitoring and observability, aiming to redefine industry standards.

Standing Amongst Leaders with Sustained Growth

As one of the select companies recognized in the Gazelle Awards, Ceeview proudly stands among the top 2% of best-performing companies in Norway. This distinction, complemented by our impressive 371.99% growth over the past three years, underscores our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and the trust placed in us by our customers. These accomplishments collectively affirm our role as an industry leader and our dedication to continued growth and excellence.

Gratitude for a Shared Vision

“We are deeply thankful for this award, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Ceeview team.” — Dag Lund, Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Looking to the Horizon

The Gazelle Award is more than a recognition; it symbolizes our commitment to a future marked by prosperity, strong partnerships, and the pursuit of new heights. We embrace this honor with gratitude and pride, eager to continue our journey of excellence. We invite you to join us in this ongoing venture of innovation and success. At Ceeview, we are not just focused on reaching the horizon; we are dedicated to redefining it.

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