Lower your bills with Ceeview Cloud Cost Optimization & Monitoring

The Ceeview Cloud Monitor gathers and visualizes the overall cost and performance of your Cloud environment.
Helped by intuitive dashboards, managers and personnel responsible for budgets will gain immediate insights into the cloud cost status.

Challenges moving to the Cloud

“Operating your IT estate is fundamentally different in the cloud. The traditional model of managing capacity by purchasing and running physical hardware doesn’t work. Instead, you must continuously manage consumption, capacity, performance, and crucially – cost. It requires a very different skill set as well as new operational functions.” Source: Accenture (May 2021)

Stine Glibstrup

Stine Glibstrup
Manager SME, Proff

“With Ceeview Cloud Monitor, we managed to reduce
our cloud costs by 45% in 3 months”

Cloud Cost Optimization & Monitoring

Ceeview is built to address the complexity of managing cloud cost in multi-cloud environments. It provides out-of-the-box dashboards with aggregated cost, security, and cloud health data for managers and customers. For those in need of comprehensive analyses there are drill down functionality into insightful dashboards and reports with detailed information. You will be notified if there are cost or security issues and you will have access to a list of recommendations for cost savings and security concerns. It help maintain reliable, secure, and cost-efficient cloud solutions.


  • Predictive cost analysis and forecasts.
  • Estimate of potential Cloud cost savings.
  • Detailed list of recommendations for cost savings.
  • Forecast of monthly and annual costs.
  • Complete overview of total accrued costs.
  • Health monitoring of Cloud infrastructure.
  • Budgets status; subscriptions, services, and instances.
  • Visualize workload owners the cost they are accountable for.
  • Notification in case of overspend and budget breach.
  • Overview of inactive, underused and idle cloud resources.
  • Monitor and visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Governance and Security compliance score.
  • Drill-down for cost analyses.
  • Role-based dashboards .
  • Automated Reporting.
  • Multi-tenant support.
  • Support Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

In addition to cloud cost optimization, Ceeview gives you full visibility into your cloud-based Services, Applications, Infrastructure and SLAs. Ceeview allows you to monitor the Cloud environment for optimal performance and availability with drill-down into each of these areas.

Don’t waste your money – manage and control your cost

Cloud overspending

20-50% Cloud budget overspend

Companies that are unaware of the mistakes made in their cloud adoption will overspend by 20 to 50%. Source: Gartner. Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecasted to grow 47.2% between 2020 and 2022, reaching $397,496 millions USD in 2022. Source: Gartner. When companies incur such an increase in costs, they have little choice but to meet the expectations they implicitly create.

Wasted Cloud Spend

30-40% of cloud spend is wasted

What makes it even more important to control and optimize your cloud cost is that there is an estimated 30% of cloud spend that is wasted according to Forbes Magazine. Other market watchers, such as Accenture, put the rate of waste closer to 40% (Container Journal).

Start reducing your cloud bill with Ceeview

Svein Roger Bergsli

Svein Roger Bergsli
President & CEO Wspace

“By use of Ceeview Cloud Monitor, we typically cut our clients cloud bill with an average of 20-40% within 3-4 months.”

Ceeview Cloud Cost Monitor Optimization
  • Take control of your cloud spend and budgeting
  • Don’t waste money
  • Dive in to see where money is spent
  • Visualize cost for those spending it – make them accountable

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