Tackling Out-Of-Control Cloud Costs: The Role Of Service Providers, Enterprise Collaboration, And Ceeview Cloud Cost Control

As out-of-control cloud costs continue to plague enterprises, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud managed service providers for support. This article delves into the intricacies of cloud cost management, emphasizing the crucial role of collaboration between enterprises and service providers, as well as the enabling power of Ceeview Cloud Cost Control.

Collaborating to Control Cloud Costs with Ceeview Cloud Cost Control

The Enterprise Challenge: Out-Of-Control Cloud Costs

Many enterprises struggle with out-of-control cloud costs, with some organizations working with service providers. To determine if service providers are part of the problem or the solution, it is essential to understand the factors contributing to cost overruns and the challenges faced in cloud cost management:

  • Complexity of cloud environments: Rapid cloud service adoption has led to intricate and dynamic cloud environments. Managing and optimizing costs can be challenging, even for experienced service providers. In some cases, they may not be fully equipped to handle this complexity, resulting in suboptimal cost management.
  • Lack of transparency and communication: Sometimes, the relationship between the enterprise and service provider lacks transparency, leading to misaligned expectations and poor communication. This can hinder the service provider’s ability to optimize costs effectively.
  • Evolving cloud landscape: The cloud landscape constantly evolves, with new services, pricing models, and best practices emerging regularly. Service providers may not always stay current with these developments, affecting their ability to manage client cloud costs effectively.
  • Inadequate tools and processes: Some service providers may not have the right tools and processes for effective cloud cost management and optimization. There are various solutions available, but not all service providers may be utilizing them to their full potential.

To address out-of-control cloud costs, enterprises should:

  • Carefully evaluate and select service providers based on expertise, track record, and ability to manage complex cloud environments.
  • Establish clear expectations, communication channels, and service level agreements (SLAs) with the service provider, ensuring cost optimization is a priority.
  • Encourage service providers to adopt advanced cloud cost management tools and stay updated on the latest developments in the cloud landscape.
  • Regularly review and assess the performance of the service provider and discuss areas for improvement.

Examples of factors contributing to out-of-control cloud costs:

  • Overprovisioning resources: Allocating more resources than needed, leading to unnecessary costs.
  • Unoptimized usage: Not selecting the most cost-effective pricing models for workloads.
  • Lack of visibility: Inability to identify areas for cost optimization due to incomplete usage data.
  • Inefficient workload placement: Incorrectly placing workloads in costly cloud regions or availability zones.
  • Data transfer costs: Unanticipated expenses from transferring data between cloud regions or zones.
  • Unused or idle cloud resources: Instances or resources left running without active use, generating extra costs.
  • Inadequate cost management processes: Poor processes to monitor and optimize cloud costs, causing inefficiencies and missed cost-saving opportunities.

By understanding these factors, enterprises can address and mitigate these issues, achieving more effective and sustainable cloud cost management through careful service provider selection, clear expectations, advanced tool adoption, and regular performance review.

Service Providers: Navigating The Complexities Of Cloud Cost Management

When enterprise organizations investigate surprise cloud cost overruns, it’s natural for them to consider all possible factors, including the managed service provider (MSP) they are working with. Service providers play an essential role in managing and optimizing the cloud environment, and their performance can significantly impact the overall costs. In addition to managing complexities, service providers can bring expertise, resource optimization, and cost-saving strategies that benefit enterprises.

Given the sensitivity and priority of cloud costs, it is crucial for service providers to demonstrate their commitment to cost optimization and prove their value to both existing and prospective enterprise clients. To quickly rule out any doubt that they might be a contributing factor to cloud cost overruns, service providers should focus on:

  • Transparency: Maintain open and honest communication with enterprise clients, providing regular updates on cost optimization initiatives and sharing detailed reports on cloud usage and expenditures.
  • Expertise: Demonstrate a deep understanding of cloud platforms, cost structures, and best practices in cost optimization. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the cloud landscape and apply this knowledge to manage and optimize cloud costs more effectively.
  • Proactive cost management: Adopt a proactive approach to cost optimization by continuously monitoring cloud usage, identifying potential cost savings opportunities, and recommending necessary adjustments to the enterprise client.
  • Utilization of advanced tools: Employ advanced cloud cost management tools and automation to optimize the client’s cloud environment more effectively and efficiently.
  • Aligning interests: Establish a pricing structure and incentives that align with the client’s cost optimization goals, ensuring that the service provider’s success is tied to the client’s success in controlling cloud costs.

By focusing on these areas and highlighting their ability to deliver valuable cost-saving benefits, service providers can build trust with their enterprise clients, quickly dispel any doubts about their role in cloud cost management, and position themselves as a valuable partner in the pursuit of cost optimization.

The Power Of Collaboration: Enhanced With Ceeview Cloud Cost Control Capabilities

Ceeview Cloud Cost Control is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify cloud cost management for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. It offers a collaborative approach to cloud cost management, empowering both service providers and enterprises to work together more effectively. Its multi-tenant architecture and role-based access provide shared visibility, enabling both parties to access the same cost information through tailored and intuitive dashboards and reports.

Ceeview Cloud Cost Control enables critical collaboration through:

This shared visibility fosters better communication, promotes trust and transparency, and allows for quicker identification and resolution of cost issues. By working together, the service provider and enterprise client can more effectively optimize costs and achieve better outcomes.

Optimize your cloud investment with Ceeview’s Hybrid Cloud Cost Control
  • Comprehensive multi-cloud support: Manage costs across Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platforms, providing a complete view of your hybrid cloud environment.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports: Tailored and intuitive dashboards with aggregated cost, security, and cloud health data for different users, allowing them to focus on the cost metrics that are most relevant to their role and objectives. Schedule delivery of summary status reports via email and SMS, with options for manual or template-based creation.
  • Enhanced trust and transparency: Providing both parties with access to the same cost data promotes trust and transparency in the relationship.
  • Continuous monitoring: Real-time insights into your hybrid cloud KPIs and technical environment, tailored to your specific needs.
  • High-touch services: A high-value solution that goes beyond traditional cost management services, offering full control and guidance over your cloud services, along with hands-on support to ensure a fully optimized cloud environment.
  • Three key phases of collaboration: Analyze, report, and act on your commercial and technical environment, optimizing consumption and reducing costs with hybrid cloud KPIs, insights, and advisory-led priorities, including unique overall Quality KPI assessment.

One notable customer example is Proff AS, a leading Norwegian-based business finder with 2 million monthly website visitors. As a cloud-intensive business, they faced challenges in managing cloud costs and required effective cloud resource and cost observability. Proff AS struggled with spiraling costs due to the complexity of retrieving essential data.

Ceeview Cloud Control provided Proff AS with a comprehensive view of their cloud environment’s cost and performance through its out-of-the-box dashboards and reporting capabilities. This enabled them to maintain reliable, secure, and cost-efficient cloud solutions. After implementing Ceeview, Proff AS saw a dramatic reduction in costs over the course of months. They managed to reduce their costs by over 50% and achieve estimated annual savings of 1M NOK. By leveraging Ceeview, Proff AS successfully optimized its cloud costs, resulting in significant savings and a more efficient cloud environment.

By leveraging Ceeview Cloud Cost Control, enterprises and service providers can create a win-win situation. With better visibility, communication, and trust, organizations can achieve sustainable cloud cost management, drive innovation, and strengthen their competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


Effective management of cloud costs requires the right service provider, collaboration between enterprises and service providers, and multi-cloud cost management tools like Ceeview Cloud Cost Control. By fostering collaboration and empowering both parties to work together, enterprises can tackle the challenge of cloud cost overruns and unlock the full potential of their cloud investments. A collaborative approach using advanced cost management tools can create a win-win situation for both enterprises and service providers, enabling sustainable cloud cost management and driving innovation in today’s digital landscape.

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