Cloud Cost & Budget Monitoring

Get in control of your cloud investments

Insightful view of Cloud Cost and Resource Utilization for Management and Customers

It is essential to quickly detect potential runaway costs and underutilized resources to lower expenses and optimize your Cloud environment.

Cloud Monitoring with Ceeview

There are a lot of advantages moving your business into the cloud, but one of the biggest challenges is finding a simple and intuitive way of controlling costs. Since cloud platforms follow a rather complex pay-as-you-go model, it can be quite difficult to control cost and resource usage.

Quite a few companies are having a hard time trying to understand clearly where all the cost figures on their cloud bill come from. Most often a “hand is raised” only when the cost goes totally out of control.

With Ceeview Cloud Monitor you will always be in control of your Cloud Cost.

Avoid budget overrun

Monitor cloud spending to avoid surprises and unexpected cost overruns.

Resource Optimization

Monitor resource usage to detect underutilized and idle instances.

Cost forecasting

Predict future cost on monthly and yearly basis.

Health monitoring

Monitor the health of your Cloud environment.

Root cause analyses

Drill down for detailed cost- and event analyses.


Get a complete insight into the cost performance of your Cloud environment.


Stay on top of your Cloud environment by notifying the right people at once.

Multitenant support

Built for MSPs and Enterprises to manage customers and divisions.

Multi-cloud support

Support Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

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