A Dialogue with Stian Reinholdtsen: Ceeview as the Catalyst for Enhanced CSP Engagement and Cost Control at Vesterålskraft

Embark on the journey with Vesterålskraft, guided by IT Director Stian Reinholdtsen, as they navigate the complex waters of cloud cost management. Faced with rapidly increasing Azure expenses that threatened their operational budget, Vesterålskraft turned to Ceeview’s Cloud Cost Control Solution for clarity and control. This candid interview showcases the steps they took, the close partnership with Ceeview, and the actionable insights that led to a significant and much-needed reduction in cloud spending.

During our recent User Group meeting, Ken Vanderweel, Product Marketing Director with Ceeview, engaged in a thoughtful dialogue with Stian Reinholdtsen, IT Director at Vesterålskraft. In this condensed overview of their conversation, Stian shares insights into Vesterålskraft’s journey towards effective cloud cost management, touching on key challenges and achievements. For those interested in the full depth and details of this engaging discussion, we invite you to view the complete conversation on our YouTube channel.


Ken: Stian, please tell us about Vesterålskraft.

Stian: Vesterålskraft is a diversified energy company in Norway, committed to providing essential services across several sectors including electricity distribution and renewable energy.


Ken: What’s your role, and what challenges did you face?

Stian: As IT Director, I lead digitization efforts. A significant challenge was managing escalating cloud costs from our MS Azure services.


Ken: How did these costs become a pressing issue?

Stian: Post-migration to Azure, we found our expenses spiraling without clear insights into the drivers.


Ken: How did Ceeview transform your situation?

Stian: Svein Roger from Ceeview offered a cloud cost control solution that finally gave us the transparency we needed, with high-touch data analysis playing a pivotal role.


Ken: What was the outcome of implementing Ceeview’s solution?

Stian: With Ceeview’s tools, we identified backup retention as the cost culprit, leading to significant savings through policy adjustments with our CSP, ATEA.

Figure below: Visualizing Cost Optimization: The Vesterålskraft-Ceeview Workflow

In the ‘ACHIEVING COST OPTIMIZATION’ section above, we briefly touch on how Ceeview’s solutions provided Vesterålskraft with the transparency to manage their cloud costs effectively. The shown workflow diagram illustrates the strategic steps we took together, but to truly appreciate the depth and impact of each action, we invite you to watch our detailed discussion on YouTube. Dive into the dialogue where Stian and Ken walk you through the intricacies of the cost-saving measures that transformed their Azure cloud management.


Ken: The collaboration with Ceeview brought substantial benefits?

Stian: Indeed. It empowered us to better scrutinize our services, optimizing our IT operations and cost management.


Ken: Any advice for organizations facing similar issues?

Stian: For businesses grappling with cloud cost monitoring, I highly recommend Ceeview for its dynamic, responsive, and highly collaborative approach.


Ken: Stian, your experience is a testament to what can be achieved when innovative technology meets dedicated partnership. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for highlighting the role Ceeview played in your cloud cost management success.

Stian: It’s been my pleasure, Ken. The progress we’ve made with Ceeview’s support has been substantial. Your team’s expertise and the powerful features of the Cloud Cost Control solution have been instrumental in our ability to gain a handle on our cloud costs. I’m grateful for the collaboration and the tangible results we’ve seen.


While we’ve touched on key points of our collaboration in this article, the complete dialogue in our User Group presentation offers a richer narrative of Vesterålskraft’s journey. For a more detailed exploration of the strategic steps taken and the in-depth analysis that led to our achievements, we encourage you to view the full conversation on YouTube. There, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how Ceeview’s unique approach to cloud cost management can make a difference for organizations like yours.

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