Ceeview Newsletter: November 2023 – Your Guide to Operational Excellence

Explore Ceeview’s November Newsletter: from ARCO’s energy expertise and our collaborative User Group Meeting to the launch of Ceeview 2.17 and the innovative simplicity of ‘Tags’. Join our mission to enhance IT observability and operational efficiency this month.

Welcome to November’s edition, a gateway to pioneering business service observability and operational mastery with Ceeview. This month, we invite you to:

  • ARCO’s commitment to energy assurance and its collaboration with Ceeview for uninterrupted service…
  • Ceeview User Group Meeting, a confluence of ideas and practical IT wisdom…
  • Rollout of Ceeview 2.17: Advancing precision and adaptability in hybrid IT management…
  • Transformative simplicity of ‘Tags’ in Ceeview for a tailored user experience…

Your engagement fuels our continuous evolution as we explore stories of insights, spark creativity, and above all, ensure that our intelligent observability platform continues to bring transformative benefits and elevated operational efficiencies to your business. Let’s innovate and co-create, maximizing our collective investments and expertise.

Powering Through: ARCO’s Pledge for Uninterrupted Energy

Discover the strategic partnership between Ceeview and ARCO in our exclusive interview with Gerardo Garcia, Deputy Director of ARCO. Dive into the heart of energy continuity and learn about the proactive steps being taken to safeguard businesses against power disruptions. Find out how ARCO’s seasoned expertise, supported by Ceeview’s cutting-edge platform, offers robust solutions for seamless operations in a tech-reliant corporate landscape.

Anticipation Builds for Ceeview User Group Meeting in November

Following the buzz from last month’s announcement, we’re ecstatic to confirm the Ceeview User Group Meeting on November 16th! Attendees will experience a deep dive into hybrid IT, customer stories, and the latest Ceeview innovations. Don’t miss out on this blend of virtual and on-site sessions, practical insights, and networking opportunities with our team in Oslo. Ready to contribute to Ceeview’s journey? Engage with us to drive the future of IT operations together!

Optimized IT Observability: Ceeview 2.17 Elevates Hybrid IT Management

Discover the latest in IT observability with the Ceeview 2.17 Release, designed to fine-tune operations in the hybrid IT landscape. This update brings enriched dashboard functionality, elevated monitoring integration, and sophisticated service modeling to support efficient IT management. Experience new features like GPS dashboarding, user interface improvements, and versatile service qualifier enhancements. Embrace a solution where detailed observability and proactive management are seamlessly integrated. Elevate your IT operations with Ceeview 2.17.

Tailor Your IT Insights: Mastering Tags in Ceeview

Elevate your Ceeview experience with the power of ‘Tags’. Tailor dashboard views and control data visibility for teams and users across all modules. These customizable tags enhance focus, efficiency, and the user journey within the Ceeview environment. Learn to set up and leverage tags for a personalized data interaction and streamlined notifications. See the stark contrast ‘Tags’ bring to your IT management visuals in our detailed article.

Gratitude for Your Engagement:

As we step into November, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for your ongoing engagement. Your insights and active participation are the cornerstone of Ceeview’s evolution, driving our advancements in business service observability. Together, as we navigate this month, let’s build a future where technology synergizes with collaboration, enhancing our collective mission in managing business services.

  • Illuminate and Inspire: Your experiences shed light on our journey. Share your feedback and stories at to guide our path forward.
  • Engage in November: Your perspective is vital. Connect with us at our User Group Meeting, in Oslo or online, to contribute to our shared vision for IT operations.
  • Reflect and Revisit: Take a moment to reflect on our shared path by exploring insights from our previous editions. Catch up on the September and October newsletters to see how far we’ve come.
  • Look Ahead: November promises to be a month rich in discovery and innovation. With every initiative, we aim for operational excellence and a stronger partnership with you.

Eager to see the advancements we will achieve together this November. Let’s make it a month to remember!

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