Tailor Your IT Insights: Mastering Tags in Ceeview

Enhance your Ceeview experience with the transformative power of ‘Tags.’ Designed for personalized navigation and focused data interaction, tags enable you to fine-tune data visibility, ensuring that teams and individuals see only what’s vital for their roles. Embrace the simplicity of customization across various modules and witness a streamlined workflow.

Unlock the Power of ‘Tags’ in Ceeview

Dive into the personalization power of Ceeview by leveraging “Tags” to streamline data relevance and access. Our tagging system optimizes the way users interact with various modules, offering a curated perspective tailored to individual departments, teams, or service providers.

What are Ceeview Tags?

In the diverse ecosystem of IT operations, the clarity of information is paramount. Ceeview tags emerge as a strategic solution to categorize and expose pertinent data across departments and teams. They serve as a dynamic filter, shaping the Ceeview landscape to reflect only what’s essential for users, by:

  • Assigning multiple tags to modules, refining data streams to department-specific needs.
  • Establishing a user-centric view, where each team member is synced with data tagged for their specific department or role.
  • Securing data visibility, where assigned tags restrict users to their relevant operational spheres, enhancing focus and reducing noise.

Modules Supported by Tags:

  • Home
  • Service
  • Asset / Asset Group / Monitors
  • SLA
  • Dashboard
  • Incident
  • Report
  • Application
  • Event Summary
  • Grids

Additionally, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can utilize tags to control client data views, providing a customized service experience.

To visualize the difference, refer to the images:

Without the use of tags:

Image showing Ceeview screen with full information.

With the implementation of tags:

Image showing Ceeview screen with filtered information based on departmental or team-based relevance.

Why Is This Essential?

Harnessing the power of tags in Ceeview elevates basic functionality; it’s about sculpting a data-centric environment that’s as varied as the needs of your teams. Tags ensure that users engage with what’s necessary, effectively segregating and simplifying data interaction. This targeted approach paves the way for heightened efficiency, sharper focus, and a profound boost in operational productivity.

Experience the Color of Customization: Noticing the tag icon colored on the menu bar instantly signals a filtered view—a subtle yet powerful reminder of the active customizations at work. This visual cue assures users that they’re in their unique data realm, precisely tailored with tags.

Embrace the simplicity of customization with Ceeview tags and witness your team’s workflow transform into a more efficient and focused operation.

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