Ceeview Newsletter: October 2023 – Your Guide to Operational Excellence

Explore the October edition: Dive into SLA compliance, join our User Group Meeting, savor tech & chocolate at Acentix’s ACEvent, meet Dag and Rudy in our Spotlight, and unlock Ceeview’s hidden gems. Let’s co-create, innovate, and elevate operational efficiencies together!

Welcome to October’s edition, a gateway to pioneering business service observability and operational mastery with Ceeview. This month, we invite you to:

  • Navigate through Robust SLA Compliance and Insight…
  • Join the conversation at our User Group Meeting, where your involvement forges mutual learnings and heightened value…
  • Savor the blend at Acentix’s ACEvent, a delicious merge of Ceeview tech and chocolate factory wisdom.
  • Discover Peaks and Paths with Dag and Rudy in our Employee Spotlight…
  • Unlock Hidden Gems with Ceeview’s Sidekick Utilities…

Your engagement fuels our continuous evolution as we explore stories of insights, spark creativity, and above all, ensure that our intelligent observability platform continues to bring transformative benefits and elevated operational efficiencies to your business. Let’s innovate and co-create, maximizing our collective investments and expertise.

Unlock Stronger SLA Compliance with Ceeview SLA Control

After September’s insights into mastering control and collaboration in IT environments (Read Here), October shifts the spotlight to enhancing SLA compliance with Ceeview’s SLA Control. This crucial addition to our platform merges comprehensive features to smoothly turn SLA data into actionable intelligence, safeguarding service quality and fostering collaborative enrichment between enterprises and their service providers.

Ceeview User Group Meeting: Join Us for Insightful Collaboration

Save the date for the Ceeview User Group Meeting in Oslo on November 16th! Whether joining us in-person or virtually, immerse yourself in a day of learning and sharing best practices amongst peers, networking, exploring Ceeview’s roadmap, and engaging with our engineers and executives. Your insights are vital, driving collective innovation forward! Have specific topics in mind? Click below to email moderator Dag Lund and shape our discussion.

Sweet Synergy: ACEvent Merges Tech and Confectionary with Ceeview

Step into a world where technology and chocolate-making artistry combine at Acentix’s ACEvent on October 26th, intertwining IT processes with the Ceeview platform. Acentix, based in Switzerland and a long-time partner of Ceeview, enhances IT service delivery through Ceeview’s modularity and service model architecture. Discover intelligent integration of customer environments, enlightening case studies, and a unique view into chocolate production processes. For deeper insights, visit our blog, and uncover how aligning with Acentix and Ceeview can elevate your IT strategies.

Employee Spotlight: Adventuring Beyond the Office

Embark on an inspiring journey with Dag Lund & Rudy Argüello, our passionate Ceeview team members whose love for mountain climbing and cycling go beyond adventure, permeating our business ethos at Ceeview. Their spirited pursuits not only drive our journey but also cultivate a dynamism that our customers and partners leverage for collective success. Discover how their individual adventures mirror our business practices in the latest article.

Unlock Hidden Gems with Ceeview’s Sidekick Utilities

Unlock Ceeview’s hidden power with Sidekick Utilities! Modeled after 1980s Borland’s Sidekick, these unnoticed tools simplify tasks like bulk asset imports and data management, enhancing your daily use of Ceeview. Learn about essential utilities such as ‘Import Assets’ and ‘Data Retention’ to elevate your Ceeview experience.

Gratitude for Your Engagement:

Thank you for being with us in this October edition. Your participation and insights steer Ceeview, fueling our advancements in business service observability. As we embrace October, let’s foster a future where technology and teamwork seamlessly merge, elevating our collective journey in managing business services.

  • Share and Illuminate: Your insights light our way. Share your thoughts and stories with
  • Convene in November: Whether in Oslo or online, your views are essential. Join us in co-creating and innovating at our User Group Meeting.

Wishing you an October rich in insights, innovation, and operational mastery. Excited to continue this journey with you in the coming weeks!

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