Ceeview Newsletter: March 2024 – Your Guide to Operational Excellence

Delve into our March newsletter to see how Ceeview is steering the future of IT and aquaculture with groundbreaking strategies and solutions. From AI-driven profitability to sustainable aquaculture practices at AquaSur 2024, we’re at the forefront of innovation. Plus, learn about our integrated approach to Infrastructure Control that’s setting new standards for operational excellence. Join us on a journey through the latest industry advancements and Ceeview’s pivotal role in shaping these domains.

Welcome to the March edition of our newsletter, where we continue to celebrate the innovative spirit and collaborative achievements of the Ceeview community. This issue is packed with exciting developments, from exploring the profitability of technology management to reflecting on major industry events and unveiling our latest IT infrastructure control solutions. As we embark on this month’s journey, we’re thrilled to highlight:

  • Insights on Tech Profitability: Panelists, including Ceeview’s Øyvind Heiervang, discuss how AI, leadership, and ethics in tech management enhance operations and profitability.
  • Highlights from AquaSur 2024: A recap of our partners’ innovative contributions to aquaculture at the AquaSur 2024 event, emphasizing sustainability.
  • Transforming IT Management: Unveil the power of Ceeview’s tri-faceted Infrastructure Control to streamline service, optimize assets, and economize costs for unparalleled operational efficiency.

Join us as we delve into these topics, showcasing our commitment to advancing technology and operational excellence.

Maximizing Profitability Through Effective Technology Management Insights 

Unpack the facets of technology’s impact on profitability in this insightful recap of a panel discussion featuring Ceeview’s Øyvind Heiervang and other industry leaders:

  • Integrating AI and Cloud: Learn how these technologies simplify processes and boost operational efficiency.
  • Leadership and Adaptability: Discover the critical role of leadership in navigating the opportunities and challenges of tech advancements.
  • Ethical Tech Deployment: Understand the importance of ethical considerations and balanced technology integration for societal impact.

This English recap of a Norwegian podcast provides a comprehensive overview, highlighting Ceeview’s innovative strategies for harnessing technology in service of better business outcomes. Explore how this blend of expertise can revolutionize your operational approach and drive profitability.

Reflecting on AquaSur 2024: Innovation and Collaboration on the World Stage 

Join us in revisiting AquaSur 2024, an event where innovation surfaced through our partners, iteam and Imenco, exhibiting cutting-edge solutions in aquaculture. Our blog captures the essence of the conference—vibrant collaborations, hands-on demonstrations, and strategic dialogues that are shaping the industry’s path forward.

Ceeview’s presence, highlighted through iteam’s aquaculture managed services, played a pivotal role in these discussions, underscoring our commitment to operational excellence through intelligent observability.

For a closer look at these transformative interactions and Ceeview’s impact in supporting reliable and high-performing operations, explore our detailed recap. Witness how together, we’re navigating towards a resilient future in global aquaculture.

Service, Asset, and Cost: The Integrated Approach to Infrastructure Control with Ceeview

Unlock unparalleled IT management with Ceeview’s Infrastructure Control—engineered for a tri-faceted approach. Tailored for service-centric precision, asset-centric depth, and cost-centric optimization, our solution aligns with your business’s pulse across all operations. It’s the pinnacle of infrastructure agility, ensuring service excellence, asset performance, and cost-effectiveness in one intelligent platform. Propel your business with Ceeview’s adaptable and comprehensive control for IT and OT ecosystems. Explore our solution brief for insights into mastery over service, assets, and costs.

Moving Forward Together:

As this month’s edition comes to a close, we’re invigorated by the possibilities that lie ahead. The insights we’ve shared are a reflection of our dedication to innovation, teamwork, and excellence. Your unwavering support fuels our journey towards remarkable milestones, and we eagerly anticipate our collective progress.

  • Evolve and Excel: Since our February newsletter, we’ve not only envisioned a transformative future but have taken concrete steps to materialize it. Our advancements are a clear reflection of our shared commitment and strategic foresight.
  • Collaborate and Pioneer: We invite you to be an active part of our innovation cycle. Your perspectives are crucial as we introduce trailblazing solutions. Engage with us, share your feedback on our latest endeavors, and let’s continue to pioneer together. Connect with us at

Let’s remain in sync as we explore the dynamic realms of IT management and aquaculture. Your engagement, feedback, and active participation are the keystones of our mutual path to a technologically advanced and sustainable future.

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