Ceeview Newsletter: February 2024 – Your Guide to Operational Excellence

Explore our February Newsletter for the latest in IT and business service management: our transformative mobile app update for enhanced agility, the debut of UX Control boosting performance and user experience with customers like Borr Drilling, and our impactful collaboration with MSP partner iteam in aquaculture.

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter, celebrating the collaborative spirit at the heart of our journey. This issue highlights Ceeview’s latest developments and the instrumental contributions of our partners and customers, including iteam’s specialized services in aquaculture and Borr Drilling’s enhancements in service performance. As we explore the dynamic IT landscape, we’re excited to share:

  • The transformative update to Ceeview’s mobile app, a leap forward in mobilizing IT management for superior operational agility.
  • The launch of Ceeview’s UX Control, embodying our innovation ethos, markedly enhancing service performance and user experience for customers like Borr Drilling.
  • A focus on our collaboration with MSP partner iteam, demonstrating how our synergized efforts are driving unprecedented operational excellence and sustainability in the aquaculture sector.

Join us to uncover stories of innovation and partnership, illustrating how Ceeview and its community are redefining IT management and observability.

Mobilizing IT Management: Ceeview’s Latest Mobile App Innovations

In the dynamic world of IT, the mobility of management tools is crucial for maintaining operational agility and efficiency. Ceeview transforms mobile devices into key components of operational success. Our newest mobile app update brings several advancements:

  • Customizable homepage status cards for at-a-glance updates.
  • Enhanced incident and change management capabilities.
  • Advanced cost and GPS asset tracking for comprehensive oversight.
  • Improved service views with valuable user experience insights.

Additional updates include a user-friendly dark mode and optimized agent management, ensuring a smoother user experience. Discover these enhancements through Carstein Seeberg, our Chief Architect’s, detailed video demo. For access or more information, email us at or

Bridging the Divide: Elevating SLA Alignment with Ceeview UX Control 

In the digital era, seamless application performance is critical, yet often unseen until users voice concerns. Our new UX Control solution is changing the game—just as it has for Borr Drilling. It offers:

  • A global, real-time overview of user experience.
  • Detection of performance issues before they affect users.
  • Alignment of IT operations with key business goals.

Borr Drilling has leveraged UX Control to support their SAAS-first strategy, showcasing its effectiveness as a comprehensive and budget-friendly tool for enhanced monitoring. Learn about its transformative impact on application stability and performance in our detailed data sheet.

iteam’s Aquaculture Innovation: Elevating Industry Standards

iteam, a leading Norway-based MSP and valued Ceeview partner, is redefining aquaculture managed services with their comprehensive solutions. Beyond mere monitoring, iteam offers a suite of services designed to enhance operational excellence and ensure sustainability in the sector. Supported by Ceeview’s Intelligent Observability Platform for critical infrastructure insights, iteam’s approach integrates advanced technologies with expert management to meet the unique needs of aquaculture enterprises. Our collaboration has propelled industry leaders like Grieg Seafood to new heights. Explore the extensive range of iteam’s aquaculture services, including the vital role of Ceeview’s proactive monitoring, in their detailed solution brief and learn how this synergy is advancing industry standards.

Moving Forward Together:

As February advances, we’re deeply appreciative of your unwavering support. The early part of 2024 has been bustling with innovation, notably our collaboration with iteam on aquaculture and significant updates to our UX Control solution and mobile app. Your active engagement fuels our commitment to enhancing business operations and underscores the importance of our shared journey towards excellence.

  • Reflect and Revisit: Since our December newsletter, which you can revisit here, we’ve laid a robust foundation for the year ahead. Our progress since then is a testament to our collective effort and vision for the future.
  • Engage and Innovate: Your insights and contributions are invaluable as we bring new solutions to the forefront. We encourage you to engage with us, share your thoughts on our recent initiatives, and continue this journey of innovation together. Please reach out at

As we move forward, our optimism remains strong. Together, let’s continue to drive breakthroughs and celebrate each success as a united community. May the months ahead be rich with innovation, hope, and collective triumphs!

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