Maximizing Efficiency with Ceeview: Bernt Loch’s Tips & Tricks for Advanced IT Monitoring

Unlock efficient IT monitoring with Bernt Loch’s expert guidance in our latest Ceeview article. Delve into underutilized features and savvy configuration tips for Dashboard State Widgets, GPS Widgets, and more. Enhance your operational efficiency and discover practical tricks in this insightful read!


In a recent global user group meeting, Bernt Loch, Sourcing Manager at Ceeview, presented a series of enhancements and tips for maximizing the efficiency of IT operations monitoring. This article, enriched with screenshots from Bernt’s presentation, delves into these features, offering valuable insights for both current and potential users of Ceeview.

Ceeview GPS Widgets:

Bernt introduced enhancements to the GPS Widget:

  • Setting GPS Coordinates in Assets: Users can now directly set GPS coordinates in assets, displayed on a map for accuracy.
  • Linking GPS Locations to Services: The widget allows the integration of asset GPS locations with Ceeview services, offering a comprehensive view of service states.

Ceeview State Widgets:

Bernt showcased various functionalities within the State Widgets, a crucial component of the Ceeview Dashboard:

  • Copying and Pasting: Users can now easily copy multiple widgets and paste them into another dashboard, maintaining their data sources.
  • Resizing: Adjusting the size of multiple widgets simultaneously has been streamlined for better dashboard management.
  • Background Color Customization: The option to change widget backgrounds enhances dashboard customization, with upcoming support for Grid widgets.
  • Event Type Filtering: A new filtering option allows users to display specific event types, enhancing the dashboard’s relevancy and usability.
  • Content Visibility: Users can now choose to show or hide additional widget information, tailoring the dashboard to their preferences.
  • Scaling and Redirection: Widgets are scalable for different resolutions and can redirect to specific entities, improving interaction and navigation.
  • Event Pop-Ups and Severity Configuration: Widgets can be configured to display event details in pop-ups and to show specific event severities, offering greater control over data presentation.

Ceeview Dashboard Stack Charts:

Stack Charts have been updated with:

  • Color Coding and Unit Conversion: Users can assign colors to specific metrics and convert units, enabling a more customized and informative display.
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Ceeview Grids:

The new Grids feature:

  • Enhanced Filter and Sort Options: The grids offer advanced filtering and sorting options, including column freezing and customizable rulesets, facilitating efficient data management.

Ceeview Agent Memory Configuration:

This enhancement allows users to:

  • Configure Memory via GUI: Users can adjust the memory settings of Ceeview agents directly through the GUI, simplifying system administration.

Conclusion: Bernt Loch’s presentation not only highlighted Ceeview’s commitment to continuous improvement but also provided practical insights into using these features effectively. These enhancements underscore Ceeview’s role as a leader in IT operations monitoring, driving both efficiency and innovation.

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