Ceeview’s Hidden Utilities: A Closer Look at Sidekick

Explore the hidden potentials of Ceeview through Sidekick Utilities, uncovering features designed to seamlessly enhance your asset management and data retention workflows, ensuring efficiency and precision in your operations.

Discovering Sidekick: A Hidden Jewel

While the majority of Ceeview’s features are accessible through the official UI, there is a small but sometimes useful set of functionalities which is not that easy to find! Navigate to Management/Server/Integration, and you’ll find a module titled “Sidekick Utilities.” This name, a nod to Borland’s Sidekick from the mid-80s, encompasses an array of functionalities which either is in an experimental phase or for one reason or another have not yet been included in the official Ceeview UI. See screen image below.

Streamlining Asset Management with Import Assets Utility

Although Sidekick holds numerous utilities (subject to variation between versions), our focus here narrows to two specific utilities: Import Assets and Data Retention. Import Assets allow you to easily bulk import assets from a CSV format – creating 10s of assets manually is a tedious task so bulk import is useful, especially if you have some kind of CMDB holding all your assets. The dialog allows you to build a set of assets (name, IP, description …) and import these to Ceeview with one click – allowing these assets to take advantage of Ceeview’s monitoring capabilities. See screen image below.

Optimizing Data Storage with Data Retention Utility

Data Retention allow you to specify for how long you want to keep various kinds of metrics, you may want to keep your raw metrics (like CPU usage metrics) for say 60 days (or shorter if the frequency of measurements is high) while aggregated/summary metrics (Ceeview aggregates metrics to a set of metrics (average, min, max …) per hour in order reduce data volume in Ceeview’s metric database) may have a much longer retention, say 1 year. See screen image below.

Data maintenance is executed once every 24 hours and the Data Retention dialog also provides you with the status of last maintenance – when it executed, how many rows was deleted and how long time (in milliseconds) it took.


Investigating and navigating through Ceeview’s Sidekick Utilities unearths a treasure trove of functionality, designed to streamline, and enhance your user experience, while preserving the integrity and performance of our platform. As we continuously strive to refine and expand our offerings, keep an eye on the Sidekick Utilities for new, experimental features that aim to offer you more flexibility and control. Your feedback on these hidden tools is invaluable – it not only shapes their evolution but also impacts our ongoing development, ensuring Ceeview is always tailoring its functionality to your needs.

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