Ceeview acquire Workspace AS

Press release:

Ceeview acquire Workspace and gets access to an environment with cutting-edge expertise in migration and optimal utilization of cloud-based solutions. Ceeview’s products have played a major role in the success of Workspace helping companies reduce their cloud costs by up to 50%.

Oslo, 20. June 2022 – Through the acquisition, Ceeview strengthens its services and offerings for migration and management of hybrid and cloud-based solutions. The companies have been partners for a long time and have now decided to merge to strengthen their position in the fast-growing cloud market. 

The market for cloud-based solutions has grown significantly in recent years and Fortune Business Insight estimates growth of more than 300% by 2028. It is projected to increase from $250.04 billion in 2021 to $791.48 billion in 2028. 

Ceeview provides tools for monitoring and managing on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based IT systems. The products reveal problems and bottlenecks in business-critical IT services, applications, and infrastructure. Ceeview is used by enterprises and MSPs around the world to monitor their IT estate and document that IT deliverables are in accordance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements). 

Ceeview’s products have received international recognition for their architecture and for providing a simple, comprehensive overview of complex IT environments “One Single Point of Truth”. The team behind Ceeview is the same as the one that developed Nimsoft which was sold to CA Technologies for 360 million USD.

Together with Workspace AS, Ceeview has expanded its product portfolio with solutions for monitoring costs across different cloud providers, as well as costs in hybrid environments.

The challenge for the companies that use cloud services is the complexity of the cost structure, as well as getting a simple overview of the costs and being notified quickly if the costs “run wild”, says Anders Grindland, CEO at Ceeview AS.

According to Forbes Magazine, it is estimated that 30% of cloud costs are wasted. Other analysis companies, such as Accenture, state this to be closer to 40% (Container Journal).

More and more organizations are seeing the need to optimize both cost and resource usage in the cloud. There is a lot to be gained by choosing tools that quickly reveal cost overruns and unnecessary use of resources.

“Ceeview’s products have proven to be very effective, and by utilizing them we have assisted our customers with cost savings of up to 50%. Workspace is looking forward to becoming a part of Ceeview and being able to offer services across the entire product range of Ceeview “, says Svein Roger Bergsli, general manager of Workspace AS.

“IT management has fundamentally changed with the use of cloud-based solutions. The traditional model of managing capacity by purchasing and operating physical hardware does not work. Instead, one must continuously manage consumption, capacity, performance, and not least costs. This requires completely new tools and expertise. With the acquisition of Workspace AS, Ceeview is well-equipped to assist companies with both tools and cutting-edge expertise in this area” says Dag Lund, Marketing Manager at Ceeview AS.

About Ceeview Cloud Monitor

Ceeview Cloud Monitor is the latest addition to the Ceeview product portfolio. The solution is designed to address the complexity of managing cloud costs in multi-cloud and hybrid environments. The solution comes with intuitive dashboards for presenting costs, security, and cloud health data. For those in need of comprehensive analysis, there is in-depth functionality with detailed information and reporting. You will be notified if there are cost or security issues, and you will have access to a list of recommendations for cost savings and security issues. Ceeview helps maintain reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud solutions.

About Workspace AS

Workspace AS offers consulting services that help clients optimize IT infrastructure and reduce costs. With Ceeview products, we deliver significant and intuitive insight into IT environments, giving Workspace AS an advantage over its competitors. Workspace AS consists of a group of specialists in the area of cloud management services. The company operates in the Scandinavian market and has its headquarter in Oslo.

About Ceeview AS

Ceeview provides products and services to businesses that aim at being at the forefront when it comes to delivering the highest quality and user satisfaction for all its IT Service Deliverables. The Ceeview team has several years of experience and significant skills in bringing advanced, state-of-the-art management and monitoring solutions to the market within areas such as Cloud and Virtualization Monitoring, Service Level Management, Systems Management, Event Management, Network Monitoring, Application Monitoring, and Database Monitoring. 

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Dag Lund
Marketing Director
Ceeview AS
Phone: (+47) 920 26 889