SLA Monitoring

A complete overview of SLA compliance

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are the industry standard in defining the expected level of service between suppliers and customers.

For most companies, monitoring and reporting on SLAs is time-consuming. As a result, systems designed to simplify service delivery can end up creating disputes which erode trust and damage relationships with customers.

SLA Monitoring with Ceeview

Ceeview takes the guesswork out of SLA monitoring by allowing you to track performance against all your agreed SLAs – whether customer, service, or multi-level – in real time and across all your services.

SLAs can be manually created or defined automatically thanks to Ceeview’s service modelling tools. There’s no need to redefine your SLA configuration if the underlying infrastructure or dependencies between components change – Ceeview takes care of all of this for you.

Customizable threshold alerts highlight developing issues so you can take corrective action before a costly breach occurs. Auto-generated notifications ensure the right people know about problem areas immediately.

Root cause analysis

Quickly drill down into the underlying reasons for an SLA breach with integrated root cause analysis that helps you resolve issues faster and prevent future breaches.

Automatically generate reports

Generate SLA reports and send them to the relevant stakeholders with the click of a button for a quick insight into your most important SLA data

Customizable dashboards

Use role-based dashboards and flexible widgets to share SLA data both internally and with your customers for full transparency.

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