Service Level Agreement Monitoring

Customer, Service or Multilevel SLAs are easy to manage with Ceeview

Ceeview simplifies the management and monitoring of your SLAs. It will improve customer satisfaction by real-time monitoring and transparent visualization of performance against the SLAs. Early warning and notification in case there is a risk not meeting your SLAs.

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is simply a contractual agreement between the service provider and its customers that defines the expected level of response times and availability for applications and services.

Ceeview helps you track performance against defined SLA objectives and will continuously monitor and notify you if there is a risk you don’t meet your SLA goals.  

The monitoring of SLAs are easily defined and managed in Ceeview. By use of Ceeview’s own Service Modelling, SLAs can be defined automatically or manually in just a few seconds. There is no need to make changes to the SLA configuration if underlying infrastructure or dependencies between components’ changes.

Once done with defining the monitoring of the SLA. Ceeview will automatically generate intuitive dashboards with drill-down capabilities and root cause analyses. Notification policies to service managers, operational personnel or customers can be defined. For transparency, real-time dashboards are made available for customers and users. Customizable pdf-reports can be auto-generated and emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Overview of all SLAs

Ceeview gives you an aggregated overview of the status of all SLAs for the entire customer portfolio. The overview is real-time and shows the number of SLAs that are breached and the number of SLAs which are in warning-state and may breach if corrective actions are not taken.

Drill down – Individual SLA

You can easily drill down to investigate real time and historical performance of individual SLAs:

Drill down – Root cause

To investigate a SLA compliance breach, it is possible to drill into a more detailed view both for the current running SLA as well as historical SLAs.

Operating time

It is possible to define operating periods for the SLA. In other words, define when the SLA shall be active. In the example to the right, the SLA will be active between 7 am and 5 pm on weekdays only.


Depending on the level of information required for individual users and their role in the organization it is possible to quickly design role-based dashboards by use of predefined widgets or customize them individually. Dashboards can be accessed through an URL. So, it is possible to post the link in an email or use it in a portal.

SLA Reports

Ceeview can automatically generate reports in PDF format and have them emailed to the right people. These reports can easily be tailored to individual needs. 

Mobile App & Notifications

Ceeview mobile App. provides up to date status of SLA’s and drill down capabilities to investigate the cause of compliance breaches. In addition to display SLA compliance data, it is possible to configure the App to show other metrics and KPI’s in the App.