Ceeview – IT Service monitoring

Ceeview underpins corporate value-added processes and uncovers critical situations to maintain the highest possible service levels for IT services delivered to customers and users.

Ceeview is a product portfolio developed by an experienced team with significant skills in innovative IT Monitoring and Management solutions within areas such as Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Service Level Management, Event Monitoring, Systems-, Network-, Database- & Application Management.


Ceeview uses a new and innovative approach to IT Service monitoring which helps to increase the availability and quality of IT services. The product provides a complete overview of IT services’ availability, infrastructure and reputation by monitoring, analyzing and identifying problems. This is achieved through use of intuitive Service Dashboards and advanced service modelling that continuously adapts to changes in the IT infrastructure.

Modelling of IT Services and underlying infrastructure.

Ceeview uses two types of models to achieve the most efficient and transparent representation of IT servicesThe Service Behaviour Model provides a representation of how the service behaves as seen from the user’s point of view, typically transaction response times.

The Service Infrastructure Model contains infrastructure components that the service depends upon, typically servers, databases and network.

The recommended approach to building service models is to adapt and expand the models over time. Design and maintenance of service models can be done manually or automatically depending on the environment and your needs. It is possible to use external data from a CMDB (Configuration Management Database), Service Catalog or file to build service models.

Service Availability

Monitor availability and response times experienced by users of the Service.

Service Level Management

Define, monitor and report on Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Service & Infrastructure Health

Proactive monitor of infrastructure components and how their performance impact individual services.

Custom Dashboards

Build dedicated web-based dashboard for management personnel and customers.

Incident Tracking

Record and follow the progress of a problem or issue until it is resolved