Ceeview Monitoring Solution

A single source of truth – one monitoring system, unique compatibility

Ceeview solves IT monitoring with a powerful, unified solution.

Modern businesses wouldn’t be able to function without the IT solutions that support their vital business processes each day. But the sheer complexity and diversity of these systems make effective monitoring a huge challenge.

SLA Monitoring & Reporting

Ceeview simplifies management and monitoring of your SLAs and improves customer satisfaction by real time monitoring and transparent visualisation of performance against the SLAs.

Maintain agreements

Monitoring of SLAs are easily defined and managed in Ceeview. By use of Ceeview’s own Service Modelling, SLAs can be defined automatically or manually in just a few seconds. There is no need to make changes to the SLA configuration if underlying infrastructure or dependencies between components changes.

Cloud Cost & Budget Monitoring

With Ceeview you avoid unexpected Cloud bills and uncover areas for potential cost savings through continuously monitoring resources and spend.

Lower your cloud bill

Ceeview enables you to easily set budgets and monitor against them. Cloud spending is monitored against these budgets and you are notified immediately if there is an overspend. Status information is shown in intuitive dashboards together with forecast of monthly and annul cost. Drill-down for analyses of cost data.

Service & Business Monitoring

We bridge the gap between IT outages and business impact by offering comprehensive business process monitoring that helps you understand the true cost of IT systems failures.

Identify business’ point of failure

By mapping key business processes directly to the components within your IT estate, Ceeview allows you to quickly understand the business impact of IT failures, whether financial or customer satisfaction and staff productivity related.

Application Monitoring

Our unique approach to applications monitoring lets you see your applications through your users’ eyes, helping you deliver a first-class digital experience every single time.

Monitor your app’s performance

Ceeview’s full-stack application monitoring solution helps your company identify, diagnose, and resolve developing application issues – whether font-end, back-end, or in the cloud – in real time.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Reacting quickly to a service outage is important, but even better is to prevent the outage altogether by identifying potential issues before they become serious enough to threaten your services.

Keep your infrastructure ready and responsive

Ceeview uses a proprietary model to determine the real-time status of all the infrastructure components your IT Services depend upon. We call this status ‘Service Health’, represented by a simple percentage to provide an at-a-glance overview of how well the aggregated components within a service are performing.