Service Health / Asset Health

Monitoring the «health» of the IT-infrastructure the services depend on.
All IT Services depend on underlying hardware and software components as well as networking and communications solutions. Ceeview has introduced a new concept that utilizes a proprietary calculation model to estimate the health of the infrastructure the IT Services depend on. We call this Service Health. This is an aggregated numeric value revealing how well multiple infrastructure elements are behaving – you could say that we take the pulse of the service.


By use of Service Health, we can quickly identify and pinpoint critical situations that may develop and in turn result in outages and downtime of the service.
Collection of data for calculating the Service Health are performed via Ceeview’s own monitors or third-party tools, using Gateways.
Traditional solutions often generate single alarms or events on individual infrastructure components. This makes it difficult to know which services and customers are affected and which alarms to prioritize in terms of both economics and importance of each service.