Infrastructure Monitoring

Prevent minor issues from becoming major outages

Infrastructure is the foundation upon which your IT services are built.

Reacting quickly to a component failure or service outage is important. Even better is to prevent the situation from arising in the first place by identifying potential issues before they become serious enough to threaten your services.

Infrastructure Monitoring with Ceeview

While many ITSM solutions simply report when an infrastructure component has failed, Ceeview takes a more proactive approach. By constantly analyzing the real-time status of all the components your IT services rely on, Ceeview prevents minor issues from turning into major outages.

Combining traditional monitoring tools with AI and machine learning technology, Ceeview alleviates potential capacity issues and bottlenecks before they undermine service performance. This helps your business to increase service uptime, improve customer experience, and reduce the risk of reputational damage from service outages.

infrastructure monitoring

Service Health

Our proprietary model, known as ‘Service Health,’ shows the real-time status of your infrastructure and how well the aggregated components within a service are performing

Third-party integration

Ceeview can easily be integrated with third-party monitoring tools. This allows you to consolidate monitoring data across all your systems and ensuring existing investments are utilized to the fullest instead of becoming obsolete

Proactive monitoring

Instead of waiting for outages to occur, Ceeview’s advanced monitoring technology constantly scans your systems for signs of developing performance and capacity issues. This gives you time to take corrective action before your services are affected

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