Infrastructure Monitoring

Prevent minor issues from turning into major outages

Reacting quickly to a service outage is important, but even better is to prevent the outage altogether by identifying potential issues before they become serious enough to threaten your services.

Where many ITSM solutions simply report when a service or component has failed, Ceeview takes a more proactive approach, constantly analyzing the status of your services – and the infrastructure that supports them – in order to prevent minor issues from turning into major outages.

Ceeview Deliverable

Ceeview uses a proprietary model to determine the real-time status of all the infrastructure components your IT Services depend upon. We call this status ‘Service Health’, represented by a simple percentage to provide an at-a-glance overview of how well the aggregated components within a service are performing. 
Service Health helps improve the availability of your services by highlighting emerging issues as they arise, allowing your support teams to take corrective action before your services are impacted, shielding your business from the negative impact of outages.