Ceeview Transaction Radar

The Ceeview Transaction Radar (CTR) monitors and measures user experience in web based applications.
It will ensure first-class performance and availability to avoid losing business. CTR simulates a typical real user by navigating and performing a set of transactions to get real-user experience insight for enterprise web applications or web-shops (i.e. login, select item, check-out). If response time or performance becomes unacceptable Ceeview will pinpoint where in the transaction chain there is an issue and notify persons concerned. Is the site up running?, How is the overall performance and response times?

Problem Detection

Ceeview constructs a Data Model of the web application and monitors each element in the chain in addition to the overall performance of the application as seen from the end-user.
If there is a problem with the total end-user response times or a potential issue with one or more of the individual components it will be highlighted in the model and trigger notification to the right personell.
There are drill down capabilites in the data model to get a better understanding of issues that may cause reduction in end-user performance and availability.

Ceeview Service Dashboard

Ceeview presents the web application performance and availability in sophisticated Service Dashboards.
Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) can easily be defined and monitored. This will improve customer satisfaction by delivering web application availability in accordance with customer expectations.
Historical availability and response times are presented as well as historical SLA compliance. PDF based reports are also generated.