CeeView the pat​h to the next generation of IT- and Service Monitoring

Ceeview Service DashboardThe rapidly growing complexity of today’s IT environments, i.e. SaaS and Cloud, requires a new approach to monitoring IT.

Traditional IT management solutions fall short of delivering dynamic, easy to use and cost effective solutions. The answer to this is a completely new methodology by using a holistic and Service Centric approach.

CeeView will dramatically change the way IT management is performed. It takes into consideration all the changes and new requirements that most companies are faced with to manage a much more diverse environment compared to yesterday’s solutions.

CeeView will increase the availability and quality of any IT service. The product provides a complete overview of IT deliverables; its infrastructure and reputation by monitoring, analyzing and identifying problems. This occurs through use of sophisticated Service Dashboards and advanced service modelling that continuously
adapt to changes in the Service infrastructure.

Issues with today’s approach to IT- and Service Monitoring:

SaaS & Cloud

The rapidly growing use of SaaS and Cloud based solutions, together with the need for a holistic and Service centric approach to IT deliverables requires a complete new methodology for managing IT compared with traditional IT management solutions.

Collecting too much data

IT Service Providers and IT Departments have recognized the importance of collecting data and analyzing it to provide first class IT Services to its customers and users. Many make the mistake of collecting as much data as possible. This is not only distracting; it can reduce the quality of data-driven decisions because those decisions are only as sound as the analyses they’re based on.

Today’s problems solved with yesterday’s solutions

Most of the IT management solutions on the market today are just repackaging of old products proclaiming their excellence for managing SaaS and Cloud based environments – strangely enough these products were designed and developed long before such environments existed.

Qualitative data

Hard data is brilliant, but if you’re only paying attention to these, you’re missing out on a huge part of the big picture. How do your customers and users relate to your IT services? What is most important to your stakeholders? What is being said about your company, services, products and competition on social networks? These are questions that can help guide a business down the right path. But the most important aspects of the answers to these kinds of questions won’t always be provided by numbers that can be crunched.

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