Elevate Your Mobile IT Observability: Discover Ceeview OTG’s New Dashboard Card Feature

Discover how Ceeview’s OTG (On-The-Go) mobile app elevates IT monitoring with the new Dashboard Card feature. Learn about designing custom dashboards using the powerful OTG Dashboard Designer, now available on both mobile and desktop. Enhance your IT observability and streamline operations with our latest update.

Ceeview’s Superior IT Monitoring Mobile App Experience

Ceeview’s OTG (On-the-Go) mobile app is a game-changer in the IT monitoring landscape. Unlike other solutions that offer limited mobile capabilities, Ceeview’s app provides a near mirror equivalent of our robust desktop and web interfaces. This unmatched mobile experience redefines IT operations monitoring, offering streamlined processes, comprehensive monitoring, and actionable insights directly to your device. Our latest update further enhances this advantage with the introduction of Dashboard Cards, created using the powerful OTG Dashboard Designer.

Existing Capabilities: Status Cards

Ceeview OTG’s existing capabilities include customizable status cards for at-a-glance updates, enhanced incident and change management, cost and GPS asset tracking, and improved service views. Users can personalize their home page by selecting areas to be featured as status cards, offering comprehensive solutions across various operational dimensions.

What’s New?

Dashboard Cards

Our latest update introduces Dashboard Cards, enhancing the visualization capabilities of the OTG app. Here’s how they work:

  • Enhanced Visualization: Dashboard cards build on the existing status cards, offering a more detailed and comprehensive view of the monitored environment.
  • Complement to Status Cards: Dashboard Cards are a specialized form of Status Card, allowing for a more customized and modular design.
  • Dashboard Designer:
  • Adding Controls: Use the control selector to choose visual elements like gauges and charts that visualize your data.
  • Setting Properties: Customize controls with specific properties, including general attributes, data-source settings, and appearance options.
  • Positioning Controls: Move and resize controls to fit your needs, ensuring an optimal layout for monitoring.

Designing Dashboards on Mobile and Desktop

Users can design dashboards directly in the OTG mobile app using their fingertips. While the mobile interface offers full functionality, designing complex dashboards on a small screen can be less convenient.

To assist with this, Ceeview provides a Windows desktop application that replicates the mobile app interface, including the Dashboard Designer. This desktop app allows for more efficient design using a mouse. Any dashboard created on the desktop app will appear in the dashboard listing on the mobile device. Users can then favorite (heart icon) these dashboards to display them as dashboard cards alongside other Ceeview OTG status cards.

Transition to Status Cards and Dashboard Cards

Dashboards designed within the OTG can be transformed into status cards, allowing for a more modular and adaptable view. By favoriting a dashboard with a heart icon, it becomes part of the status card view, seamlessly integrating with other status cards.

Learn More

For a comprehensive overview of this new functionality, revisit Carstein’s presentation from the Oslo user group meeting, which laid the foundation for the status card approach. Additionally, explore the detailed documentation available within the app’s help section for step-by-step guidance on using the new dashboard design feature. We invite you to explore these new capabilities and see the difference they make in your daily operations. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please share your thoughts and questions as we continue to refine and enhance the Ceeview experience together.

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