Command Your IT Landscape: Ceeview’s Complete Control Platform

Empower your enterprise’s performance and objectives with Ceeview’s Intelligent Observability Platform. Achieve cohesive control for optimized productivity, cost efficiency, and a robust user experience, driving your business to new heights of operational excellence.

Strategically Dealt: Ceeview’s Observability Control Platform – Just as a skilled card player understands the value of a strong hand, Ceeview presents a platform that equips businesses with a commanding set of tools. Each data sheet, akin to a card in the winning hand, represents an integral piece of the enterprise control puzzle. Together, they form a powerful combination, not unlike a formidable hand in the strategic game of business technology. It’s not about the luck of the draw; it’s about playing your cards right with Ceeview’s strategic insights.

Embracing Control: The Pathway to Enhanced Enterprise Performance

In the modern business environment, control is not merely about managing resources or overseeing operations. It’s about empowering organizations to harness the full potential of their technology and services, thereby transforming challenges into opportunities. This strategic empowerment enables businesses to respond proactively to market demands, ensuring resilience and agility.

The Essence of Control

Control within an enterprise can be seen as the ability to steer the entire organization towards its strategic objectives efficiently and effectively. It encompasses the oversight of various aspects like service delivery, user experiences, compliance, costs, and infrastructure management. The better the control, the higher the potential for improved business outcomes, as visibility into operations allows for quicker adjustments and more precise strategic decisions.

The Ceeview Approach to Enterprise Control

Ceeview’s Intelligent Observability Platform is engineered to streamline your operational command over SLA, Service, UX, Cost, and Infrastructure—integral aspects that contribute to overarching enterprise control. Here’s how the inherent capabilities of Ceeview’s platform facilitate unparalleled control in each area:

SLA Control

Ceeview ensures that service level agreements (SLAs) are not just met but exceeded. By offering comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities, Ceeview helps businesses identify potential breaches early, allowing for swift corrective actions that maintain trust and uphold service quality.

Example: Basefarm effectively manages over 800 services and SLAs, enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction through Ceeview’s detailed SLA oversight.

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Roar Pettersen, Business Manager, Orange Business

“Today we use Ceeview to manage more than 800 Services and SLAs for our customers. With its extensive functionality and flexibility, Ceeview has everything you need for SLA monitoring and reporting.”

Service Control

The control over services encompasses maintaining high standards of service delivery across the enterprise. Ceeview’s service control fosters a transparent, accountable environment where both providers and enterprises thrive on mutual trust and clarity.

Example: Kanton Aargau relies on Ceeview as their ‘stethoscope’ to keep a meticulous check on the performance of their applications and services, guaranteeing effective and responsive service management. View Customer Success Story

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Stefan Kaufmann, System Specialist, Kanton Aargau

“Ceeview is our ‘stethoscope.’ It enables us to see how healthy our application and service landscape is, anytime, everywhere.”

UX Control

In today’s digital age, the user experience is paramount. Ceeview’s UX Control provides proactive insights into how applications and services perform from a user’s perspective, ensuring that any potential issues are addressed before they impact productivity.

Example: Borr Drilling leverages Ceeview UX Control to bridge the gap between user expectations and service delivery, aligning with their SAAS-first/cloud-first strategy

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Vardans Saribekjans, IT Director, Borr Drilling

“Ceeview UX Control SAAS closes the gap between user experience and SAAS provider SLAs. It provides continuous support of Borr Drilling IT SAAS-first/Cloud-first strategy.

Ceeview UX Control SAAS gives the necessary input to drive business application stability and performance improvements as part of Borr Drilling IT Application Management Services.”

Cost Control

Effective cost management is crucial for sustaining business growth. Ceeview offers detailed insights into IT spending, helping organizations optimize investments and reduce waste without sacrificing performance or service quality.

Example: Vesterålskraft, through its collaboration with Ceeview, saw significant reductions in cloud expenses while enhancing their infrastructure’s security and performance. View Success Story Video.

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Stian Reinholdtsen, IT Director, Vesterålskraft

“Through the efficiency project led by Vesterålskraft and Ceeview, in conjunction with the effective utilization of the Ceeview Cloud Cost Monitor tool, we have successfully achieved a substantial reduction in our cloud expenses.

Furthermore, the project has assessed and enhanced the security level of our infrastructure. We are extremely satisfied with the outcomes attained through this collaboration. This solution has yielded considerable savings and comes highly recommended for other companies.”

Infrastructure Control

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of their IT infrastructure. Ceeview provides a comprehensive view of the entire IT landscape, ensuring all components operate efficiently and align with business objectives.

Example: ARCO leverages Ceeview’s remote monitoring system to provide constant vigilance over critical electrical infrastructure equipment, offering unparalleled peace of mind through 24/7 dedicated service. View Partner Success Story

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Gerardo Garcia, Deputy Director, ARCO

“ARCO uses the Ceeview remote monitoring system to reinforce its commitment to providing peace of mind to its customers through a 24/7 service in which specialized personnel are constantly monitoring the availability of critical electrical infrastructure equipment.”

Harnessing Command with Ceeview’s Observability Platform

In the realm of enterprise IT, the true power lies not in merely managing but in commanding. Ceeview’s Intelligent Observability Platform stands as a testament to this command—a sophisticated ecosystem that empowers businesses to drive their productivity and meet performance objectives. With our platform, enterprises gain insightful data that translate into actionable intelligence, fostering business outcomes that resonate with efficiency and strategic success.

As the digital and physical worlds intertwine, the need for robust, responsive IT management becomes paramount. Ceeview addresses this need, providing a comprehensive view of your IT operations and the influence to shape outcomes in real-time. This is control redefined—not as a rigid structure, but as a fluid and dynamic force capable of adapting to the ever-changing demands of business and technology.

Command your enterprise’s IT with confidence; with Ceeview, you’re not just adapting to change—you’re anticipating it and acting upon it. This is how businesses pivot from survival to prosperity, by ensuring that their operations are not just managed, but masterfully orchestrated for maximum impact.

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