Climbing & Cycling: How Our Team’s Off-Hour Adventures Shape Our Mutual Business Success

Embark on a journey with Ceeview’s Dag Lund and Rudy Arguello, whose passions for mountain climbing and road cycling echo their commitment to steering business success at Ceeview. Discover how their off-hour adventures symbolize our collective ascent to elevated customer achievements.

Scaling Peaks and Pedaling for a Purpose

In this month’s employee spotlight, we traverse mountain peaks and cycle through vineyard vistas to celebrate two individuals who epitomize the spirit of adventure and dedication—Dag Lund, one of our intrepid co-founders, and Rudy Arguello, the new dynamo leading our Latin America operations.

Dag Lund: Ascending to New Heights

Dag’s penchant for mountain climbing isn’t just a pastime; it’s a metaphor for his ambition and dedication, both personally and professionally. Recently, he undertook a challenging climb in the Swiss Alps, conquering Jungfrau (4158 m), Mönch (4110 m), and Weissmies (4017 m), guided by the esteemed mountaineer, Evelyne Binsack.

An excerpt from Evelyne’s vibrant Facebook post shares the spirit of their expedition: “…we started off…with snowfall and dense fog, until the day dawned and pampered us with magnificent sun-fog-light shows…Thank you Dag for your trust, your passion for adventure off-season, and for being a really great companionship.”

Reflecting on the climb, Dag shares: “Each peak had its passages where there was no room for a single small error.” His determination to navigate through challenges, both on the steep slopes and in our company, shows how Dag continuously pushes beyond boundaries, enabling our customers and partners to reach new pinnacles of success.

Rudy Arguello: Cycling Towards a Cure

When not propelling our LATAM operations forward, Rudy Arguello can be found pedaling through roadways, most recently participating in the Tour de Cure through California’s picturesque Sonoma wine country. But for Rudy, it’s more than just a ride – it’s a mission.

In a heartfelt message from his fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association, Rudy expresses: “I am asking you to support me in the Tour de Cure because finding a cure for diabetes is urgent and personally means so much to me…I’m riding to support the over 34 million Americans living with diabetes. Help Me Reach My Goal!”

Rudy is not just a powerhouse in cycling; his drive translates to his role in managing our Latin America operations, steering our initiatives with an unwavering commitment to enhancing customer relationships and operational efficiency.

Passion Fueled Performance

For Dag and Rudy, their adventures aren’t merely hobbies. They are a testament to their character – a commitment to pressing forward, tackling new challenges, and ensuring that every summit reached has a wider impact. Be it through charting a course for our company’s marketing or steering operations in LATAM, their passion for challenge and conquest echoes through their work, empowering our customers and our teams to envision and achieve loftier goals.

In this month where we celebrate challenge and triumph, we shine a light on Dag and Rudy, two individuals whose stories inspire us to strive for more, both in our professional endeavors and personal pursuits.

Stay tuned for our next edition where we explore more stories of the remarkable individuals that make our organization extraordinary!

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