Ceeview to present its Cloud Cost Optimization and Monitoring tool at Computerworld’s CIO Forum.

Management based Cost Control of cloud environments

– how used Ceeview to reduce their cloud costs by 50%

Ceeveiw presenting at Computeworld CIO Forum for Cloud Solutions
Monitoring and Optimizing Cloud Cost with Ceeview

There is often an information gap between management and technicians. A great deal of information is available to technical personnel, but is often inaccessible or at such detailed level that it is difficult for management to take advantage of it.

When using cloud-based solutions, you get a completely different cost structure than the one you are used to from the past. In order to have a good insight into both costs and service deliveries, it is required that such information is made available in a simple and intuitive manner.

Ceeview and will present how to optimize cloud costs and monitor business-critical cloud services. Through continous monitoring of key KPI’s, it is possible for mangement to follow cost developments and obtain estimates of future costs. has implemented the solution and will present how they have managed to reduce their cloud cost with 50%.

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