Ceeview Newsletter: December 2023 – Your Guide to Operational Excellence

Explore our December Newsletter, where we celebrate Ceeview’s prestigious 2023 Gazelle Award, delve into Vesterålskraft’s cloud cost control achievements with Ceeview, and share Bernt Loch’s advanced IT monitoring tips. As we welcome 2024, join us in reflecting on our collective progress and anticipate exciting innovations ahead in IT management and observability.

Welcome to the December edition of our newsletter, a special issue that not only showcases significant achievements at Ceeview but also celebrates the remarkable successes realized by our customers, like Vesterålskraft’s impressive strides in cloud cost control. As we anticipate the excitement of the New Year, we’re thrilled to share

  • Ceeview’s proud reception of the 2023 Gazelle Award, a testament to our growth, innovation, and adaptability in the tech industry….
  • An engaging dialogue with Stian Reinholdtsen from Vesterålskraft, discussing the role of Ceeview in enhancing CSP engagement and achieving cloud cost control…
  • Bernt Loch’s expert tips and tricks for advanced IT monitoring with Ceeview, offering insights into underutilized features and savvy configuration advice for operational efficiency…

Your continued support and engagement drive our commitment to innovation and operational excellence. As we look forward to the dawn of 2024, join us in exploring these stories of success and discover how Ceeview’s solutions continue to shape the future of IT management and observability.

Gazelle Award Triumph: Celebrating Ceeview’s Milestone

Discover how Ceeview’s innovation and growth have been honored with the prestigious 2023 Gazelle Award. This article highlights our journey to becoming one of Norway’s top-performing companies, underlining our commitment to evolving technology and customer-centric solutions in the observability domain.

Cost Control Mastery: Vesterålskraft’s Success with Ceeview

Join us in exploring how Vesterålskraft, guided by IT Director Stian Reinholdtsen, tackled rising cloud costs with Ceeview’s Cloud Cost Control Solution. This interview delves into their journey of achieving significant savings, highlighting the strategic partnership and insights that reshaped their cloud expenditure management.

Enhancing IT Efficiency: Bernt Loch’s Expert Insights

Gain valuable tips and insights from Bernt Loch on maximizing IT monitoring efficiency using Ceeview. This article covers underutilized features and smart configuration strategies, showcasing how Ceeview drives operational efficiency through innovative tools like Dashboard GPS Widgets and State Widgets.

Embracing the Future Together: 

As December comes to a close, we express our deepest gratitude for your continuous support throughout 2023. Your active involvement has been crucial in driving Ceeview towards operational excellence. As we eagerly anticipate the opportunities 2024 holds, let’s continue this journey of innovation and collaboration together.

  • Reflect and Revisit: Look back at our shared achievements in 2023. Revisit our September, October, and November newsletters to see our collective progress and get inspired for the year ahead.
  • Engage and Innovate: Your insights and contributions are vital as we enter 2024. Reach out to us at to work together in redefining the landscape of IT operations and embracing new challenges with enthusiasm and creativity.

Together, let’s make 2024 a year of breakthroughs and continued success. Here’s to a year filled with hope, innovation, and collaborative triumphs!

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