Ceeview Mobile App – new features in rel. 2.7

Mobile dashboards – visualize key business metrics

In this new release of the Ceeview Mobile App. several new widgets are added which will help you create simple and informative dashboards providing real-time information on all kinds of key metrics.

These dashboards will enable C-level executives, administrators, clients or other stakeholders to view key performance data over mobile devices. It can provide a one glance view of significant data about customers, services, products, financials, applications, infrastructure, SLA’s, etc.

Instant view of KPI’s
Access to the right kind of metrics and views for faster and better business control and decision-making.

Easy drag-and-drop
Make use of a variety of charts, widgets and gauges to build insightful dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop interface on your device. Publish the dashboard to a specific user, group or customer that need the insights.

Multi-dashboard support.
Select a set of favourite dashboards and simply swipe to navigate between them.

Visualize any business data.
Ceeview’s powerful integration API’s allows you to import data from a variety of data sources such as business applications (CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence Systems, Service Desk etc), local- and cloud databases, custom applications, local files, web URL’s etc. and display this data in your App.