Ceeview awarded Top IT Service Management (ITSM) Solution

Ceeview award - Top ITSM Solution

“A truly innovative solution – Ceeview – is a single point of truth which offers visibility into the disparate entities of an organization’s IT infrastructure by monitoring, measuring, and analyzing all aspects of an IT Service for ensuring high service availability. Today, the biggest challenge for CIOs is not just balancing existing legacy technologies and their modern counterparts, or managing colossal masses of data, but it is the understanding of how customers perceive their IT services. By building a new approach toward IT services, from both operations as well as a service monitoring perspective, the company has introduced their Ceeview solution that is a cut above the plethora of service providers in the arena.”

Read more about Ceeview and the award in the ITSM section of the CIO Application Magazine or download a pdf of the article.