CA Unified Infrastructure Monitoring

Ceeview adding value to CA UIM Nimsoft – be prepared for the future


identifying impacted services


easy drill down to underlying infrastructure


visualizing dependencies

Want to know more about the Nimsoft extention?

CA Unified Infrastructure Monitoring – Nimsoft

CA UIM Nimsoft Infrastructure Monitoring is offering an extensive Data Collection set with probes to monitor various Infrastructure components.

However, identifying impacted services, easy drill down to underlying components and visualizing the dependencies are of great importance. Several companies have successfully made the strategic transition using Ceeview – a modern flexible state-of-the-art product built for the future.



Existing CA UIM Nimsoft Customers benefit from:

Protect investments in CA UIM Nimsoft.

Multi tenancy to support a hybrid environment.

Extend CA UIM functionality by embracing cloud offerings into a single pane of view.

Built-in Service Model architecture to drill down to root cause of problem.

Dynamic and Manuel Dashboard modelling.

The team that built Nimsoft

The Ceeview team that brought the product Nimsoft to the market some 10 years ago offers CA UIM Nimsoft customers a seamless integration into an innovative IT Service product – Ceeview.

Ceeview is implemented by several MSPs and Enterprises around the world to address current and future needs in monitoring Infrastructure, Applications, Services and Business Processes.


Ceeview awarded by CIO Application Magazine

The new award-winning product, Ceeview, is an option for customers enriching an existing Nimsoft Infrastructure installation with value-added functionality such as “HTML5 based” Dashboards, SLA Reporting and Service Modelling. This all by using a modern underlying technology focused on speed and footprint. The quote to the left is from an award Ceeview received from the CIO Application Magazine.

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"Ceeview is making it easy to get a holistic view of complex IT environments by consolidating the data collected from different systems into one single point of truth, building transparency and offering a common status to all users."

Abhinav Sharma
CIO Application Magazine

Customer stories

Here you find a few of our customers experiences with the Ceeview software in relation to CA UIM Nimsoft integration.

Customer having replaced CA UIM Nimsoft completely with Ceeview

Duett is a Norwegian ICT company providing cloud services and accounting software to small and medium sized businesses. Duett Sky is one of Norway’s most advanced and modern Data Centres with availability above 99.7%. The company serves more than 5.000 customers.

“We have been using CA UIM for many years. When building our new cutting-edge Data Centre, it was a need to look for a more efficient and modern solution to monitor and manage our cloud-based offerings, Duett Sky. Ceeview’s innovative approach to monitor infrastructure, services and hybrid cloud matched our needs perfectly.”

Erlend Oyen

Team Leader, Duett AS

Kanton Aargau, Switzerland

Customer having replaced the visualization piece of UIM with CeeView by keeping UIM probes for data collection.

The canton of Aargau has a population of around 650,000 and is the fourth largest canton in Switzerland. The IT department is responsible for eGovernment platforms and electronic data processing. One of the main tasks of IT AG is the reliable operation of a modern IT application infrastructure.

“Thanks to the intuitive, state-of-the-art web interface, we can create a service definition in our central application monitoring system twice as quickly as before.”

Stefan Kaufmann

System Specialist, Canton Aargau