Application Monitoring

Understand your app to improve customer experience

Our unique approach to application monitoring lets you see your applications through your users’ eyes, helping you deliver a first-class digital experience every single time.

Applications lie at the heart of the vast majority of business processes, and the performance of these applications has a direct impact on the performance of your business as a whole. For this reason, it is vitally important you have an update-to-date and comprehensive overview of the status of all your business-critical applications.

Ceeview Deliverable

Ceeview’s full-stack application monitoring solution helps your company identify, diagnose, and resolve developing application issues – whether font-end, back-end, or in the cloud – in real time.

Whether through Synthetic Monitoring that imitates common user transactions or through Real User Monitoring that evaluates the experience of the actual individuals using your applications in real time, our comprehensive suite of monitoring tools helps you uncover and resolve performance issues before they develop into outages.

System & Application Monitoring

Identify and troubleshoot server, network, databases and application problems before they impact your business. Ceeview detects and analyses availability and performance issues across the entire technology stack by use of its three-layered modelling architecture in combination with AI and ML. Ceeview visualizes health performance and how issues evolve and effect end-user experience.

With Ceeview you can notify the right people and get full visibility into impacted services. It enables for fast and efficient resolution of problems to avoid outages and unhappy customers. 

Ceeview alert the right people and ensures that critical alarms are never missed.  Notification are done through multiple communication channels such as email, SMS and push messages on mobile devices. Alerts are automatically escalated if not responded to within a certain amount of time. To simplify management of notification, Ceeview support teams with defined rulesets. Personnel are added or removed from teams.