Application Monitoring

See your applications through your users’ eyes

Our unique approach to application monitoring lets you see your applications through your users’ eyes, helping you deliver a first-class digital experience every single time.

Applications lie at the heart of almost every business process, which means the performance of your applications has a direct impact on the performance of your business as a whole. For this reason, it is vitally important you have an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the status of all your business-critical applications.

Application Monitoring with Ceeview

Ceeview takes a new approach to applications monitoring by focusing on your users. Knowing your application is ‘up’ isn’t enough. You also need to know that your users are getting a great experience free from performance issues, outages, and delays.

Ceeview’s full-stack application monitoring solution helps you identify, diagnose, and resolve developing application issues – whether font-end, back-end, or in the cloud – in real time.

Auto-generated alerts delivered through multiple communication channels including email, SMS, and push messages ensure the right people are aware of application issues as soon as they occur, and alerts are automatically escalated if not responded to.

application monitoring

Full-stack monitoring

Detect and analyze availability and performance issues across the entire technology stack, identifying server, network, database, and application issues in real time 

Synthetic transaction monitoring

Imitate common user transactions to simulate the performance of your services in the real world, helping you identify potential issues before your customers do to ensure a flawless and uninterrupted digital experience

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