Digital Monitoring Platform

"You have to start with the customer experience and work back towards the technology, not the other way around."


Ceeview will improve customer satisfaction using real-time monitoring and transparent visualisation of performance against the SLAs.

Infrastructure MONITORING

Reacting quickly to a service outage is important, but even better is to prevent the outage by proactively identifying potential issues that can threaten your services.

Service & Business MONITORING

Ceeview takes a holistic approach to systems monitoring, helping you build a comprehensive view of the status of your IT services, and not just the components within them.

Application MONITORING

Applications lie at the heart of the vast majority of business processes, and the performance of these applications has a direct impact on the performance of your business as a whole.

Ceeview is an all-in-one solution monitoring services and business processes to ensure high service availability, reduce outages and loss of income.

System & Application Monitoring

Our unique approach to applications/system monitoring lets you see your applications through your users' eyes, helping you deliver a first-class digital experience.

SLA Dashboard & Reporting

Ceeview help you track performance against defined SLA objectives and will continuously monitor and notify you if there is a risk you don't meet your SLA goals.

Service Desk & Apps Integration

We support your technology stack and have integrated our platform with the most used technologies out there.

Integration of information from multiple monitoring systems is a key factor to us. The individual specialized departments use their own tools and collect already useful monitoring data. So, this enable us to reuse already collected data from the various products in a central tool like Ceeview and present relevant information in line with individual stakeholders need.
Stefan Kaufmann System Spezialist, Canton Aargau.