Digital Service Monitoring

Ceeview is an all-in-one solution for monitoring services and business processes to ensure high service availability, reduce outages and loss of income.

Ceeview Platform

Ceeview makes it easy to get a holistic view of your IT environments. It consolidates the data collected from different systems into one single point of truth, providing transparency and increased productivity.

Cloud Cost Monitoring

Cloud Cost & Budget Monitoring

Simple and easy way to monitor and present Cloud costs and budgets for managers and customers to avoid excessive costs. Future projection of Cloud costs to prevent surprises.

Reduce your cloud bill
SLA Monitoring

SLA Monitoring & Reporting

Ceeview will improve customer satisfaction using real-time monitoring and transparent visualisation of performance against the SLAs.

Keep your SLAs compliant
Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Reacting quickly to a service outage is important, but even better is to prevent the outage by proactively identifying potential issues that can threaten your services.

Prevent infrastructure outages
Service Business Monitoring

Service & Business Monitoring

Ceeview takes a holistic approach to systems monitoring, helping you build a comprehensive view of the status of your IT services, and not just the components within them.

Focus on your business
Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

Applications lie at the heart of the vast majority of business processes, and the performance of these applications has a direct impact on the performance of your business as a whole.

Easy APM for everyone

Perfect your digital experience with a single source of truth for monitoring data

After having used CA UIM Nimsoft for several years we replaced our entire monitoring suite in 2018. We chose Ceeview as our SLA-reporting tool, and today we use Ceeview to manage more than 800 Services and SLAs for our customers. With its extensive functionality and flexibility, Ceeview has everything you need for SLA monitoring & reporting.
Roar Petterson, Ceeview Customer Roar Pettersen Business Manager, Basefarm